The 7th Day of Online Marketing: Ad Retargeting

ad retargeting
We like to assume 2 things about people visiting our website:
1. They follow a linear path to buying.

    1. Visit our site
    2. Like what they see
    3. Make a purchase on the first visit, or pick up the phone/fill out the contact form on the first visit to set up an appointment with a sales person

2. We are the only company that the visitor is checking out.
Unfortunately, most people don’t buy that way and are visiting your website for the first time to just do research, along with many of your competitors sites. As a matter of fact, only 3% of first-time visitors complete any kind of action on the first visit.

So, How Do Customers Decide to Buy?

The good news is that as many as 70% of those visitors will eventually buy your product or service. The question is: Will it be from you or <dun dun dunnnnn> your competition?
I have heard it said that there is only 10% to 15% difference between you and your competition. That statistic alone is not very comforting to many business owners, but they may be comforted to know that the deciding factor for a lot of people is not what makes a business stand out, but rather, what makes a business memorable.

How Do I Become Memorable?

In today’s world, becoming a memorable name isn’t about billboards and newspaper ads. Today, it’s about being on the internet. How can you stay at the forefront of people’s minds? Ad retargeting.
Have you ever been browsing Amazon for some new tennis shoes, and then an hour later, you saw an ad for those same tennis shoes on the side of your Facebook feed? THAT is ad retargeting. It follows you around until you *hopefully* make a purchase!
Studies show that someone must see your brand at least 7 times for you to penetrate the buyer’s consciousness and give you your share of voice. We show your ad to your site visitors an average of 20 times a month.
With retargeting, you stay in front of the people that have already showed interest in your service or product. This increases both brand awareness AND conversions!  

The 5 Types of Retargeting to Try in 2017

So, now that you are feeling pretty excited about ad retargeting, let’s talk about the 5 different types you can try to better your company in 2017!
Site retargeting – In which your ads show up on other people’s website after they visit your website.
Facebook retargeting – In which your ads show up in the visitor’s Facebook feed if they have visited your website.
Email retargeting – In which your ads show up in their Facebook feed if they are in your email database.
Dynamic retargeting – In which your ads show up on other websites (including Facebook) and show a product that the visitor added to their shopping cart but didn’t purchase. (Amazon is the king of this!)
Interest and Behavioral Prospecting – (This is brand new and exciting) In which your ads show up on other website based on the customer’s browsing habits and the sites they visit that indicate their interests.

Let’s Get Started!

Learn more about what ad retargeting can do for you today! Uptick Marketing is here to help with any questions you have!