The Latest Digital Marketing Trends

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There are three things we do well here at Uptick: Digital marketing, research about digital marketing, and caffeinating. We’re not sure what percentage of our time goes to each of these activities (the caffeine keeps us too focused to worry about things like that), but lately, we’ve been extra-observant of some new trends in digital marketing.
Why, of course we’ll share a few of our findings! As your favorite digital marketing agency in Birmingham, that’s one of our favorite things to do. Thanks for asking!

#1: LinkedIn Is More Useful than You Think

Did you know that business-to-business companies have 36 times as many followers on LinkedIn as they do on Instagram? As mind-blowing as that may seem, it’s true. In fact, the typical follower stats for a B2B company are as follows: 109,000 on LinkedIn; 34,000 on Facebook; 18,000 on Twitter; 3,000 on Instagram; and 420 on Pinterest. If you thought LinkedIn was just dead social media weight, think again!

#2: Whispers of Success about Whisper

Ah, the social media platform you’ve never even heard of: Whisper. Recently, the secret-posting network’s CEO, Michael Heyward, revealed that Whisper now has more than 30 million monthly users — up from 10 million in December. Users often anonymously confess awkward or embarrassing secrets via the app, ranging from family difficulties to controversial political views. There’s even a popular polling feature that instantly collects data from willing voters. Talk about a digital marketing gold mine!

#3: Instant Gratification

Meanwhile, back on the ranch — er, on Facebook, that is — people are opening and sharing Instant Articles much more often than mobile web stories. Instant Articles, which are designed to load faster than mobile web articles, get opened 20% more often and shared 30% more often than their mobile web counterparts.

The Tip of the Digital Marketing Iceberg

Are these all the latest digital marketing trends we’ve found? Of course not! But these are some good things to keep in mind as we adapt to this constantly-evolving business. As a passionate, committed digital marketing agency in Birmingham, you can count on us to keep our finger on the pulse of this industry — and to keep your business riding the top of the digital marketing wave. We’re always here to answer your questions; just give us a shout!