The Making of a Digital Ads Team

digital ads team
We’re probably a little biased, but we think that our digital ads team is a stellar group of people. This team of advertising experts love what they do every day, and it really shows in the amazing work they do for our clients. Keep reading to learn more about what makes them so special.

How Uptick’s Digital Ads Team Stands Out

It all boils down to one word: Camaraderie. Funny enough, that’s one of the values of Uptick Marketing, so I guess we’re nailing it. We asked our ads team what makes Uptick different from the other digital marketing agencies out there, and all of them said something about the supportive environment, great coworkers, or encouraging atmosphere. 
All the work that our digital ads team does is filtered through that sense of camaraderie. It allows the support and encouragement needed for cross-training. It allows them the confidence to do their best work and be successful. And most importantly, it shows to our clients! When they see how passionate our team is, they can trust that they’re getting a great service.

What Success Looks Like for Our Clients

While company culture is obviously big around here, our number one focus is (of course) our clients! We love seeing clients get big wins in their digital advertising strategy. We asked our digital ads team what their favorite part of working with clients was. Here’s what they had to say:
Lee: My favorite is winning over the clients that start out the most skeptical! Some of them have been burned by bad experiences with other agencies or had internal advertising efforts that went nowhere. Uptick is transparent from the start to build trust. When clients start to see the results in campaign success and tangible ROI, we can really develop into a partnership! It’s so rewarding to see that shift and see companies grow.
Matt: I love helping small businesses get the most out of their digital advertising efforts. It’s an exciting challenge to squeeze the most out of a client’s small budget and give them the most bang for their buck. They’re trusting us with a part of their livelihood, and I want to make sure they get the most at the lowest cost!
Mary Helen: Figuring out what our clients want before they even know themselves is a huge win for us! 

Biggest Challenges and Misconceptions

Because the advertising world is constantly changing, our digital ads team is constantly working to stay on top of industry trends and client changes. They’re often training themselves on new updates and skills. All that while also juggling the important work they do for our clients on the daily. Even with all that on their plates, they make it look easy and smile while doing it! We told you, they’re fantastic.
They’re also out here busting digital advertising myths and misconceptions. Some clients come to us thinking that their only option is social media ads. Nope. Our team can make sure your ads show up wherever your audience is—Google, Spotify, YouTube, and more! Another misconception that we hear a lot is that everything is automated, just set it and forget it. For a successful digital ads campaign, you need an expert behind the scenes doing all the planning, groundwork, and optimization.
We saved our favorite for last! A lot of people think that someone is always listening to them and that’s why they get super specific ads about something they’ve only ever said out loud or thought about. While that would make life much easier for our digital ads team, that’s just not true. In reality, digital marketers and algorithms just know what you want before you even search for it!

Tips from Our Digital Ads Team

Give it a shot! Even with a smaller budget, it’s entirely possible to have successful digital advertising campaigns. With the right strategy (and team) on your side, you can start seeing serious results.
Another tip? Hire experts to help you! As you can tell, our digital ads team are pros at what they do and they want to help your business grow.


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