The Making of an Uptick Graphic Design Team

uptick graphic design team
Graphic design plays a huge part in everything we do here at Uptick—from eye-catching ads to stellar social media graphics. Uptick’s graphic designers do it all. Since this team has such a vital role in the work for our clients, it’s important to have the right people. To be a great graphic designer, you need more than just a good eye. And we have all that and more in our amazing team. Keep reading to learn more about them, their work, and Uptick Marketing as a whole.

How Uptick’s Graphic Design Team Helps Our Clients

When we start a project for a client, it goes through a lot of expert hands. A Marketing Consultant works with the client to develop a strategy that helps them meet their goals before the project heads to our team of copywriters to do their word magic. Depending on the service (SEO, ads, etc.), that team also has their chance to work their magic too.
But at the end of every task list and project, the graphic design team gets their chance to put a face on all that behind-the-scenes work. They take the existing work, created by so many expert hands, and make it a visual experience. This is so important in the world of digital marketing. You’re not likely to get clicks on that compelling ad without a noticeable graphic to go with it. No one will read through your entire landing page without an attention-grabbing visual to accompany it. Our work for our clients may end with graphic design, but a customer’s experience with their brand starts with graphic design.

What Success Looks Like for the Graphic Design Team

Few things feel as good as hearing positive feedback from a client (besides maybe seeing results pour in). Our graphic design team strives to capture the client’s essence and brand with their designs. There’s often a feeling when everything just clicks into place. So when they hear “I love this. It’s so on brand,” it means a job well done. 
Our team has the creative freedom and support they need to create compelling visuals that lead to success. While a graphic designer, on their own, can create beautiful and appealing designs, that is only increased when they have a team at their fingertips. Having other creatives and perspectives fosters more creativity, which ultimately benefits our clients with more unique designs!

Graphic Design Challenges and Misconceptions

Everyone knows a little bit about design. While that’s great and can definitely serve you, it can also lead to some misconceptions about graphic design. A lot of people believe that graphic design’s sole purpose is to make things “look pretty.” But if you have an expert team like ours, they’ll tell you that there’s a lot more to it than that. 
In fact, a lot of research and behavioral science goes into graphic design behind the scene. Anyone can look at something and tell you that it looks nice. But a true pro can tell you exactly why it looks nice. They can break it down into a bunch of technical ideas—like alignment, spacing, color pallets, and more.
We know it’s not magic that creates beautiful designs—because we have experts to explain it to us—but they are so good that it just looks easy. Our graphic design team knows all the “rules” of the game and how to break them to make our clients stand out from the competition. They’ve perfected a balance between tried and true systems and that gut feeling that can’t be taught. 

Tips from the Team

We asked our design team to pass on some of their design wisdom. This is what they said:
Carolina: Don’t underestimate the power of good design. Whether it’s a logo, a website, or social graphics, people rely on visual cues more than you think. Good design can make someone trust you, keep them on your website a little longer, or even spark some joy that makes you more memorable.
William: If your business is looking into branding, provide your team with all the information and assets you can! They’ll get to know your brand and be better able to truly capture that essence in your branding and designs. 

What Makes Uptick Different

We’ve heard it from both our team and our clients—Uptick’s culture sets us apart from the rest. We give our team the support they need to do their best work and enjoy what they do. And that shows in everything they produce for our clients. And with our clients, we don’t want to just “sell” them. We want to be an honest, transparent partner in their success. Interested in learning more about us? We’d love to hear from you!