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On November 17, Google presented the world with (honestly) what feels like a very uneventful change. Google finally unveiled the all new Google+!
(And the world came together for the first time in history to share in a long, unenthused slow clap.)
Okay, so it is pretty safe to say that almost no one is super excited about the new Google+, but Google sure is, and because I work at as a social media strategist at a digital marketing company in Birmingham, I should be, too. So, I took it upon myself to give it a look.
(Social Media and Search Engine Optimization make a great team!)

The New Google+…

First impression? The new Google+ looks pretty sleek! It has a nice, new, simplified redesign that feels clean and modern.
When you log on, your home screen has the new clean look, but still shows you the most recent posts from your friends. What is different is that it now also shows you other information you might like based on your interests and past behavior.
The new Google+ has narrowed in on the success of their ‘communities’ and ‘collections’ by making them the very center of the social media platform.
Overall, the new Google+ feels more straightforward, admittedly less important, and maybe, just maybe, a little more useful for those who are already experiencing some success via the platform.

…On Social Media

Socially, the platform has never been a subject of great excitement for social media marketers. More than anything, this platform has been used to help boost search engine optimization (SEO), but we will talk about that next.
The good news is (like I said above) the new redesign of Google+ does have the potential to be helpful. Who will it be most helpful for? Businesses who have already developed a strong sense of community on the platform. You see, now it is easier than ever to organize content on a Google+ business page, and share it in a more visually stimulating way. This is great news for people who have a loyal following. Now, their content is even more easy to access and share.
But companies who have failed to make any huge strides on Google+ may not see any new benefits. While the new design is beautiful, I don’t see Google+ becoming a major social media player unless it’s current loyal fanbase remains loyal and grows steadily over time.


It is hard to say what is going to happen on the SEO front for Google+ pages just yet. Currently, the information that is displayed about a company on a search engine result page will stay the same, but very vital information on Google+ local pages have been removed.
Below is a list of full list of features Google+ business pages use to have, that they will no longer display:

  • Phone Number
  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Business Categories
  • Insights into page views
  • Opening hours
  • Map
  • Ability to ‘star’ a location
  • Ability to upload a photo
  • Ability to share location

These changes significantly devalue Google+ pages for search engine optimization.  Time will only tell how great an effect this will have, but we don’t expect it to be anything too drastic.

Need Marketing Help? Turn to Uptick!

Does the new Google+ platform boggle your mind? As a digital marketing company in Birmingham, it is our job to stay on top of big changes like this. We would be happy to help you navigate the SEO and social media worlds! Contact us for help today!

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