Tips to Boost Your Organization’s Nonprofit Marketing

nonprofit marketing
Many nonprofits wonder if they’re really getting their name out there, if they’re reaching the right people, and if their marketing is actually working. You know the good you do—and you want others to know it also. Plus, it’d be beneficial, if not essential, to rake in more sponsorships and donations. Nonprofit marketing has similar aspects that even for-profit businesses and organizations utilize, but with a different kind of pull. As a nonprofit, your marketing requires specialized care, attention, and (of course) planning. We’ve got you covered—employ these tips as a kickstarter to better marketing. 

Shore Up Your Online Presence

The name of the game in marketing today? Websites. More and more, people are going online to search for services and stuff—and not just because of the pandemic. This means that your website serves as your nonprofit’s online “face,” so to speak. It’s how to introduce and familiarize people with you and your work. That means another way for potential sponsors and donors to get to know you and, just as importantly, what you do. 
As a nonprofit, your website needs to do double-duty: be your online face and get people to act. Increased website traffic leads to more opportunities for sponsorships and donations. How do you get people to stay on your page? By providing a user-friendly, intuitive, and informative website. 
Your website’s layout shouldn’t leave your visitors guessing where to go next; it should, in effect, guide them. Visitors should want to keep clicking through—finding out more about you and the ways in which they can be a part of your mission. When they visit, they should have as much information about you as they would in person. Another tip? Don’t bury key information or tuck it away; ensure CTAs stand out to get the most out of them: through conversions. And it goes without saying that the site should be completely functional, with no broken links or busted buttons. 

Learn and Implement SEO

Nowadays, websites don’t do much good without being found. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps more eyeballs come across your website. How so? By helping you rank on something called search engine results pages (SERPs). Google is the head honcho for search engines, and for good reason: Google hits more than 41,000 searches per second (~3.5 billion per day). People are searching for everything. And yes, that includes nonprofits. 
How to use SEO to your advantage? For starters, we need to understand what SEO entails. SEO isn’t a singular, pigeonholed service; it casts a wide net. Plus, it’s a continual process; quick wins can happen, but it’s more about the long haul. 
In terms of your nonprofit marketing, you’ll need an ongoing strategy that incorporates site improvements, backlinks, and killer content that is keyword-rich and ready to be crawled. 

Care for Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is the meat that makes your strategy thrive. It not only serves as SEO’s neat little helper; it also provides essential information that visitors are yearning to see. 
You might be familiar with one of content marketing’s mainstays: blogs. Blogs work wonders in nonprofit marketing strategy. They can offer nonprofit-specific information, hot topics, organization updates, community news, and more. Plus, they provide an opportune place to wrap up with a tidy call-to-action (CTA). 
But there’s even more to content marketing. Much more. Tapping into it effectively pays dividends in the short-run and down the road. 

Build a Social Media Presence

People like feeling connected. Social media gives you an on-demand chance to do that for your potential donors and sponsors. Social media also allows you to zero in on your preferred audience, targeting people who are likely to embrace you and your efforts. 
What goes into a solid nonprofit social media presence? United branding, routine posting, compelling videos and other collateral, and taking full advantage of social media advertising. Platforms like Facebook Ads Manager can help you focus campaigns to people who align with your interests, or at least have put forward some indication. 

Capitalize on PPC Marketing

There is a way to fast track your name atop SERPs: PPC. The catch? There is a cost to it. However, PPC marketing offers quick wins as you build your brand, get your name out there, and fund key nonprofit campaigns. 
PPC marketing utilizes keywords similar to SEO, with the added challenge of managing bids, cost-per-click amounts, and any competing entities. With all these tips now in your marketing toolkit, you’re more prepared to stand out and see success. 
Want to jumpstart your nonprofit marketing even further? That’s what we’re here for. At Uptick, we share your compassion for the community and want to work with you to achieve even further success. Contact us to schedule an informative fact finder where we’ll learn about your mission, your vision, and how we can work together to increase your nonprofit’s reach.