Tips to Turn Pinterest Into a Marketing Tool

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Pinterest came from humble beginnings in late 2009, but has quickly risen to the top tier of social media platforms. Even though it has found plenty of success amongst individual users, many businesses still haven’t been able to tap into this valuable resource. Admittedly, Pinterest is a bit less marketing-friendly than your typical social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the wide range of potential customers that Pinterest brings in. We discuss the best ways to do this below.

The New Blog

Pinterest is a blogger’s best friend, but many still don’t know it yet! Blogging itself is used to entertain online viewers and boost search engine rankings. Pinterest accomplishes both of these tasks and gives you the added benefit of attracting customers that are guaranteed to be interested in the products you’re selling. Obviously, this is assuming that your product or service fits Pinterest’s demographic, but most companies should be able have a successful campaign.
Using the Pinterest search box is a great way of seeing if your content is relevant to the app. Type in your planned topic into the search bar and you can find everything from topic suggestions to popular posts.

Expanding Your Reach

The wider net your company is able to cast, the more clients you’ll bring in. Pinterest captures a large audience, with 175 million active users and 75 billion pinned ideas in 2017. Many of these users may not be on other platforms, and even if they are they will be easier to reach now that you’ve narrowed down interests even more.


Much like other social media platforms, Pinterest greatly helps businesses keep track of their success with an Analytics dashboard. This allows you to see which posts are doing well and which ones are doing poorly, then take that information to create better posts in the future. Using Google Analytics is a great way of finding which posts bring the most people to your website as well.

Let Uptick Help!

We are experts in all things digital marketing, and social media is one of the most important. We stay updated on the latest trends and apply them for our clients, so they can stay focused on the day-to-day of running a business. Contact us today for a boost to your digital marketing strategy!

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