Up Your LinkedIn Game Today

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Just like on other social media platforms, you’ve got to keep your LinkedIn game strong. No slacking! Lucky for you, you’ve got an expert on your side — a Social Media specialist, at that (me, obvs). So check out these 4 tips from Uptick Marketing to establish a strong and effective LinkedIn presence.

#1 Build Your Network

So, here’s how LinkedIn works. Instead of friends or followers, you have “connections.” Unlike Facebook, your LinkedIn newsfeed is not based upon a very complex algorithm. When one of your connections likes a status update that you post, their connections will be able to see that. For this reason, the bigger your network, the more people you will be able to reach with your status updates.

#2 Engage Your Audience

Posts to any social media site should engage and involve your audience. You want to post information that is relevant to your industry. Thus, you have a stronger chance of capturing the interest of your followers, or your “connections.” For example, if you are in the trucking industry, you want to have someone responsible for conducting industry research, creating original content, and then sharing that content on your business’s behalf.

#3 Join Groups

There are almost 2 million groups on LinkedIn for you to join. Join the groups that will help you increase relevancy. Some groups are private, and joining them requires that the group administrator gives you access. Other groups are public, so anyone can participate. Find groups that involve people within your community and industry. Along with content marketing, this will help expand your reach in no time. You can then post similar posts to groups, suddenly reaching a much greater network.

#4 Invest in a Team of Experts

LinkedIn has almost 400 million users — and that number grows exponentially every day. With a strong LinkedIn game and a hard-working content marketing team (that’s us) on your side, you can improve your presence on the ever-growing social media platform in no time! We’ve got experience, dedicated specialists, and lots of coffee! Let us help your business. Contact Uptick Marketing today!