Uptick Marketing Is Making a Move!

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Hello from downtown! Did you know that Uptick Marketing, your favorite digital marketing agency in Birmingham, has moved to a new office? It’s true! We’re super excited to be joining the ranks of Birmingham’s snazziest businesspeople here in the city center, and we’re thrilled about our new digs — but there are a few things we’re missing about the old place, too.
I took it upon myself to ask a few of my coworkers how they felt about the move. Read on to find out what they said!

Question #1: What do you miss about the old office?

Pretty much everyone mentioned that they missed the woodsy surroundings. Feeling like we worked at summer camp was admittedly pretty great, and it’s really different having buildings around us instead of trees!
Also, Jamie saw a mink at the old office one time. I doubt there are many minks around these parts.

Question #2: What is your favorite memory of the old office?

Answers to this question included watching Snowpocalypse descend upon the city from the office window, having Nerf gun fights in the hallways, and Donut Fridays.
(But surely Donut Fridays can continue in the new office, right? RIGHT?)

Question #3: What is your favorite thing about the new downtown office?

Many of my colleagues are excited about being close to a bunch of great restaurants and food trucks, which, let’s be honest, is a totally valid reason to love this place! Additionally, everyone feels like downtown is a place where things happen. People here are delightfully busy, and the streets feel like they are buzzing with activity.
We also have so much more SPACE! We can really brand the new place for Uptick, and we’re super excited about the renovations we’re doing to the new office, too. Which brings us to…

Question #4: Which part of the renovation are you most excited about?

There were lots of different answers on this one! Lance is pumped about having a beanbag toss game (or “cornhole” as you may know it). Madison and Nicole are psyched about the coffee bar we’re putting in. Trenton is loving all the bold colors coming into our space. Jamie is thrilled about the collaboration possibilities with our new open floor plan. Chris and Jessie think it’s paw-some that they get to bring their dogs to work (oh yes, I did).
There’s a distinct scent of anticipation in the air here at Uptick, and no, that’s not just the smell of Marshall’s barbecue wafting over our heads. We’re looking forward to settling into our own space and making it exactly what we want it to be.
Obviously, that includes more caffeine, which is likely to result in more dance parties. Join us, won’t you? Or, if you’re not in the mood to dance, give us a call about our digital marketing services. We’re basically the coolest digital marketing agency in Birmingham, and we can help your business get noticed.
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