Uptick: One of the BBJ’s Best Places to Work in 2017

In case you didn’t hear, Uptick was named one of the Birmingham Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for the second year in a row! Are we honored? Yes. Surprised? Nah.
There are a lot of things that make Uptick Marketing the kind of workplace people long for, and it’s not just the fantastic coffee in the French press, either (probably). I took a moment to ask a few of my colleagues why they think Uptick is the best place to work, and I think you’ll enjoy hearing their answers. Read on!
(And thanks for the honor, BBJ!)

So, Why Is Uptick One of Birmingham’s Best Places to Work?

According to Lance, it’s the indoor baseball we play. Oh, and the people, too; he thinks they’re okay.
Dawn, our receptionist and accounting specialist, says it’s about the appreciation we get for the work we do—being acknowledged by those in management positions and never feeling overlooked.
Marshall says he loves the way that Uptick is like a giant family, and we all work really hard to make sure the client comes first. (Hey, clients—we love you!)
Predictably, Joey’s response was…interesting; apparently, his favorite part about his job is the blood tributes. (We are NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THAT, Joey.)
For Madison, the best part is the creative, fun, and hard-working team. She also likes to use her skills to help businesses grow.
If you ask me, it’s the positive, supportive environment. I am so happy to come to work every day because I know that I’m walking into a building full of people who care about me, and I’m going to get to do something I love. There’s nothing better than that feeling!
And then last but certainly not least, Nicole says she loves getting to know all of us personally and watching us grow professionally—it’s a team she loves with all her heart, and she’s thankful for everyone who works here! (Right back atcha, Nicole.)

So What Makes Uptick…Tick?

Aside from the obvious love and admiration we have for each other, everyone at Uptick is really good at their jobs. Whether it’s Kelly making a killer graphic or Bo making friends with everyone he meets (literally), our team is full to the brim of talented, passionate people who love their coworkers and their jobs.
Interested in working with people like us? Check out our services and see if we’re the right fit for you!

About Anne

Uptick’s Vice President of Operations, Anne studied Advertising and Public Relations and Spanish at the University of Alabama, spending one semester abroad at La Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Madrid, Spain. Her love for the art of language has translated into four published works, multiple speaking engagements, and also, marketing. At Uptick, Anne oversees Uptick’s internal operations, including four production teams (content marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and support), process development and management, and internal business strategy. The Birmingham Business Journal also named Anne the 2022 Business Leader of the Year.

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