All Uptick Wants for Christmas: The 2017 Edition

Christmas is right around the corner, and as always, the team at Uptick has many thoughts regarding what we’d ask for, should we find ourselves sitting on Santa’s knee.
(Not that we would find ourselves doing that, because let’s face it, the whole Santa thing becomes way less cool after you hit your twenties and find out Santa isn’t real.)
Anyway, assuming we find someone with a beard and demand material goods from them, we’ve got some pretty awesome ideas about the gifts we’d like this Christmas. Read on to find out what the Uptick team is wishing for this year!
Lance is hoping to spend lots of time with family and friends. And, obviously, he’s also hoping for a Red Ryder BB Gun. As I said last year, YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT, KID.
W just wants to further his dominance in cornhole, while accounting guru Dawn has two very unrelated requests: an electric toothbrush (only because her dentist is making her) and a new home for her daughter’s pet snake.
(“Is a ‘pet snake’ possible?” – Lance)
BJ is aiming for the stars with a trip to Disney World as his gift of choice, while Madison is keeping it real with a request for awesome new shoes (“Gotta have some flair down there, ya feel?” – Madison) and, of course, quality time with family. While wearing her new shoes, I’d expect.
Matt took things to a new level by wishing for membership in a wolfpack:Like… a literal pack of wolves that accept me as one of them. I don’t want to live with them or anything, but it’d be pretty cool if I can call them up with a dog whistle and hang with them whenever I see fit.”
(I’m glad you mentioned not wanting to live with them, Matt. That would just be weird.)
Managing Partner Nicole just wants all of us to spend some time with our families and get some much-needed rest (I’m down with that), but her husband Joey has different ideas. Namely, joining Matt’s wolfpack. How did we get here?
As for me, I’d like a good book and a lazy morning. Preferably the kind of morning where someone brings me pastries and I can stay in my pajamas all day!

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