Uptick’s Childhood Heroes

childhood heroes
You may look at Uptick Marketing’s team and be convinced that we’ve always been the motivational men and women you see today, but we were all once children struggling to find our place in the world – until certain people came into our lives with the guidance and wisdom we needed to move forward!
As I pondered my own childhood heroes, I couldn’t help but be curious about my coworkers’ personal legends who showed them how to make it through this whimsical experience called life. The best way to find out? A quick company email labeled URGENT. Within the hour, I had more information than one man should undertake on a late Wednesday afternoon. But their stories must be told.
As the answers flooded in, one trend was quick to appear. We spend a lot of time with our family members growing up, as children have no life skills and completely depend on their parents for survival. Some parents, like this writer’s, use this close proximity to relay life lessons and advice to their kids! Jerry, W, Matt, and Nicole all recognize the important role their fathers played in their lives, with W’s sentiments seeming to reflect everyone’s thoughts. As the great wordsmith said, “It has to be my dad. I wanted to drive the same car he did. I wanted to do the same job, go to the same college, like the same sports teams he did, etc.” Powerful words indeed, Dubbs!
Our Online Advertising Specialist, Madison, named her mother as her childhood hero, but also gave some credit to Nancy Drew for shaping lives through solving mysteries. Caleb’s role model, Indiana Jones, also has some family connections – as the archeology professor/world rescuer dressed just like Caleb’s grandfather!
Two of Uptick’s staff were influenced by teachers who took the extra effort to let their students know their worth. Elizabeth’s Ag teacher/FFA advisor spent hours teaching about leadership, professionalism, and even construction – but it was his ability to see and bring out the potential in his students that stuck with our Customer Success Manager. Michael was also shaped by a passionate educator, with his elementary school music teacher making it clear to every student that they could play any instrument they wanted and she’d help them master it!
The rest of our crew remembered heroes who weren’t in their lives on a daily basis, but provided constant inspiration through the various mediums that kids enjoy. Peyton, our Graphic Designer, had the creative Shel Silverstein inspiring him as he navigated his way through childhood. Hannah was drawn to the legendary Audrey Hepburn for her work as a humanitarian, being a dedicated mother, and of course her work on the big screen. Other on-screen heroes include: the friendly neighborhood Spiderman’s influence on a young Alan, Jason David Frank and the other Power Rangers kicking butt in front on an awe-struck BJ, Dawn’s crushing on Bobby Sherman as he hilariously balanced a civilized life with the adventures of the west, and Anne’s stormy relationship with Twister’s Dr. Jo Harding!
It’s safe to say that childhood heroes can come from a thousand places, but these role models all share similar characteristics. They cared about others, took time to teach, and could sling spider webs out of their wrists. Okay, that last one might just be Spiderman and Jerry’s dad. As for this humble writer? Let’s just say I wouldn’t be the Tim Majors you’ve come to love without the switch-hitting skills of Mr. Chipper Jones.

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