Uptick’s Favorite Punny Halloween Costumes for 2017

halloween costume
The most difficult thing about the Halloween season is picking a costume. Picking up candy for the trick-or-treaters is easy. Decorating your front yard with pumpkins and fake spider webs is painless. Coming up with an original costume? Not so much. Everyone at some point in their life has been a vampire or ghost. You can bet that someone will dress up as a popular character from this year’s hottest movie. So what kind of costumes are left for you to choose from? Punny costumes! These costumes may take someone brave to pull them off, but once the lightbulb goes off in everyone’s head and they realize what you are you’ll be the hit of the party. Read Uptick’s favorite funny, pun-filled, DIY costumes for Halloween.

1 ) Sugar Mama

This is one of the easiest punny costumes. If you’re a mom you might already have all the supplies needed for this costume. You’ll need a baby carrier and a sack of sugar. Wear the baby carrier with the sack of sugar where the baby should go.

2 ) French Kiss

This costume involves a little more creativity. First find the staples of a stereotypical French outfit. A black-and-white striped shirt, black beret, and maybe a baguette should do. Then, use white and black face paint to give yourself Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley’s iconic makeup. It may take a second for people to understand the costume, but once they get it you’ll receive loads of compliments.

3 ) Pig in a Blanket

This is another easy costume that you might already have some of the supplies for. Go to your local party or costume store and pick up fake pig ears, nose, and maybe even a tail. Next, go to your linen closet a choose a blanket. Voila!

4 ) Identity Theft

A black shirt, a ski mask, and name stickers are all you need for this punny costume. Put on the black shirt and place lots of name stickers all of you. Last, put the ski mask over your head. To gain popularity at the Halloween party, carry around a sharpie and have party guests write their names on the stickers to “steal their identity” for the night.

Uptick Has More Than Just Costume Ideas

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