Using Instagram Stories for Your Business

instagram stories
Anyone who’s on Instagram has at least seen, if not used, the Stories feature at the top of the app. You click on the avatar and get a sneak peek into someone’s life – something ideally captured in the moment, not curated, as so many Instagram posts can be. Whether you’ve used Stories or completely ignored them, one thing is for sure: They can be extremely useful for your business.
Here’s why.

#1: One Billion Daily Users

Yep, you read that right. A billion people get on Instagram every single day. And of that billion people, roughly a third of them use Instagram stories. That means that if your business takes advantage of the Stories feature, there are literally millions of people actively engaging with that same Stories feature who could see your Story. Even if we’re just talking about a numbers game, you’re basically set up to win.

#2: Linking Ability

Unlike regular posts, Stories give you the ability to link directly to your website. This helps you drive traffic, leads, and sales in a way that regular posts can’t. Because users typically love Stories and find them entertaining, you’re more likely to get someone to actually check out your website through a Story than through a regular post.

#3: Incredible Customization

Another really great thing about Instagram Stories is that there are so many unique ways to interact with your audience that actually resonates with them. You can keep it simple and share a behind-the-scenes snippet, which helps your audience feel like part of the team. You can create a poll, ask a question, or share another story that you have been tagged in. Use hashtags as needed, and use the location feature to help your Story get found in the “Discover” section.

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