Using LinkedIn for Small Business Leads

When it comes to using LinkedIn, we have found that most businesses tend to rely on their current connections, failing to understand the true power of this effective B2B social media platform.
LinkedIn is great for communicating with your existing connections; however, expanding your scope and learning more about all that LinkedIn has to offer can go a long way in increasing the number of leads and  your ability to educate your audience.
Communicating with Your Existing Connections
Content marketing and engaging with your current or perspective clients is key when it comes to social media. However, if you take a blog post from your website and share it on your LinkedIn profile, you are only reaching your current connections. Although this is an important part of the process, you should not stop here – unfortunately most people do just that.
Educating Your Audience
One of the best things about LinkedIn is the ability to target niche markets and show that you are an authority on the subject.
For example, if your target market is small business owners, then you would join groups that focus on small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs and would post educational information in these platforms. You would also actively engage in these groups by commenting on other discussions.
Expanding Your Reach
Those who do go beyond reaching their current connections will occasionally post on LinkedIn groups, but  – again – stop there. However, in order to maximize the effectiveness of generating leads and gaining clients through LinkedIn, you have to take it a step further – you must reach out to others in these groups.
The great thing about joining these communities is that you now have access to other group members – reach out to these individuals and learn more about their business. This level of engagement allows you to learn more about how you can utilize one another’s services now or in the future.  Furthermore, it will often drive them to your profile – which is how they can learn more about you, your business, and the services you offer.
Unfortunately, many businesses that offer social media management will post articles to groups for you, but few will actually work at expanding your reach and utilizing these engagements for generating leads. In order to effectively use LinkedIn for your business, it is essential that you do more than simply post your blog articles and other relevant information – you just join groups, engage, and reach out.
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