Using Online Ad Retargeting? You Should Be!

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Are you currently using online ad retargeting for your business? If not, you should be and here’s why.
Did you know that it takes approximately 7 to 13 “touches” before your target audience makes a buying decision? What, exactly, does that mean? Prospective customers need to have between 7 and 13 engagements with your brand before they are likely to choose you over your competition.
How in the world are you supposed to get your brand in front of the perfect customer? It’s simple – use ad retargeting.

What Is Online Ad Retargeting?

Approximately 97% of people will visit your website and never come back. Why? Because going to your website is only one touch point. Therefore, even the best websites are only converting around 3% of visitors into buyers the first time a person interacts with your brand online.
Online ad retargeting allows you to keep your business in front of potential customers until they make a buying decision.

How Does Ad Retargeting Work?

How, exactly, does this work? Someone visits your website and they leave without completing the desired action (filling out a contact form, downloading an eBook, buying something from your online store).
Your website places a cookie (completely safe, normal, and friendly) on their computer. For up to 120 days, while they browse their favorite websites (including Facebook) your business ad is there encouraging them to go back to your website.
When they click on your ad (which ideally should contain a great call-to-action), they are taken to a landing page on your website that is designed to convert!
Every single time they see your ad is another touch point. If they click to go back to your website, there is a significantly-higher chance you will turn those prospects into real, paying customers.
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Why Does Ad Retargeting Work?

Now you know what ad retargeting is and that you need it, but how does it work? It is easy to ignore ads online, except when you have recently come across that brand online. So if they have visited your website lately, then your ad will stand out – their eyes and brain will automatically see and register your ad!
Additionally, having your ad on their favorite websites and some of the most popular websites on the Internet gives your business more credibility and keeps your brand top-of-mind. These touch points could exactly what is needed to help your target audience think of you and choose to purchase from you over your competition.

Want to Learn More? Uptick Marketing Can Help!

Want to learn more about how you can use online ad retargeting to keep your brand in front of your target audience and increase your chances of turning that prospect into a paying customer?
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