Using YouTube to Promote Your Brand

YouTube is an ideal platform to showcase the features and usability of a product. As nearly 70 percent of viewers rely on YouTube videos to inform their purchasing decisions, it’s a no-brainer to optimize your video content to reach your active target audience.
Check out these tips to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos.

Use Keywords in Your Channel Name

Adding keywords into the title of your YouTube channel can increase your likelihood of appearing in Google searches. Visibility is everything in promoting your brand, and making your channel easily findable is the first step.

Filling Out Channel Tags

YouTube provides ample space to optimize your searchability, channel tags being one of the most important sections to utilize. You are allowed 100 characters to include a flurry of keywords relevant to the nature of your video. The more keywords you enter, the higher probability that users will be Googling for you!

Have a Strong Opening

Every video you publish should have a compelling first 15 seconds. You need to be able to capture the attention and interest of your viewers from the jump. Engaging graphics, jump cuts, or quick transition cues have become popular norms for attention-grabbing. It’s one thing to optimize your visibility and get the viewer to your channel, but the real challenge is retaining their attention for the duration of your videos.

Incentivizing Viewer Interaction

Creating easy ways for viewers to interact with you and your channel can develop a loyal viewership that ultimately can lead to sales. Adding embedded or overlayed “share” and “like” buttons is a beneficial method to coax viewers to create a relationship with your channel. Many channels offer product giveaways to people that comment and subscribe to their videos, putting the product in the hands of potential reviewers and vloggers.

Developing a Brand on Social Platforms

Building out an interactive and engaging Youtube channel or social media account can be a difficult undertaking. Thankfully, our team at Uptick has years of experience constructing social media campaigns. Reach out to us today with any questions about optimizing your YouTube channel!