Want to Get Verified on Facebook and Instagram? Here’s How to Do It

get verified facebook
Hey, do you want a shiny blue badge or tick next to your Facebook or Instagram profile? Of course you do––and now, Facebook has provided a guided form so that you can get verified and broaden your business’s reach.
Be warned––even if you do apply for verification, there is no guarantee that Facebook or Instagram will approve your request. Factors that can increase your chances of getting verified are notoriety, authentic representation, risk of impersonation, etc.

Facebook Verification

To begin with, if you want to become verified on Facebook, you need to fill out a form to request a blue verification badge. Select people, sports, media, entertainment, and government pages may be eligible for verification. 
Next, Facebook will ask for official documents before they complete your request. The documents needed will depend on whether you want to verify a person or an organization. Some documents needed include:

  • A government-issued ID card (driver’s license or passport)
  • Tax or tax exemption documents
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Your organization’s phone or utility bill

Also, it’s important that before providing these documents, your profile includes: 

  • A profile and cover photo
  • A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines
  • Compliance with Facebook’s Terms of Service

Once you follow these steps and submit the desired forms, the verification process will start. If you’re lucky, Facebook will approve your verification request. 

Instagram Verification 

The verification process on Instagram is similar to Facebook, except it requires less from a user. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and click the three lines in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap the gear icon to access your settings.
  • Select “Account” and then “Request Verification.” 
  • Enter your username and birth name, upload a photo of your government-issued ID, and submit your verification request.

A lot of planning and effort goes into the verification process, and for good reason! Facebook and Instagram want to make sure you and your business are authentic and worthy of verification. 
If you’re looking for better brand credibility and a stronger social media presence, verification could be a great start for your business. Do you need someone to help manage your social media marketing? Let’s chat.