What Are Facebook Bluetooth Beacons for Business?

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If you have a business where customers visit your location on a regular basis, then you definitely need to learn more about Facebook Bluetooth Beacons for business.
Long story short, these beacons make it so that when someone visits Facebook while at your business, they will see a welcome note (which you can customize) in addition to a prompt for them to like your page.
Furthermore, once logging onto Facebook from your location, they will also see posts from your business page in addition to recommendations from their friends in relation to your products or services.

Why Request a Facebook Beacon?

It’s simple – people will visit Facebook from your location and when they do you will be able to get in front of them with a welcome message and encouragement for them to like your page. The more people who like your Facebook business page, the more reputable your business looks.
Additionally, it provides your business with even more opportunities to engage with your customers.
Granted, Facebook beacons are great for some businesses, but not for those that are not consumer-based with frequent foot traffic.
For example, a beacon for a coffee shop is excellent! People are frequently on Facebook while hanging out at coffee shops and having a beacon can increase page likes, improve sales via recommendations by your customers’ friends, and improve the number of people who see your Facebook business page posts.

Note: In order to see your message, it requires that the individual has Bluetooth activated and has location services enabled in Facebook. This is actually relatively unlikely since both things drain cell phone batteries quicker.

However, if a person takes a picture and tags your location in the picture (this, on the other hand, happens A LOT), then your business information will pop up along with a request for the person to turn on location services for Facebook. See screenshot below for an example of what the latter looks like (aka if they do not have Bluetooth enabled and they simply take a picture and tag your location).

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How Do You Request a Facebook Beacon for Your Business?

It is pretty simple, actually. All you have to do is visit the Facebook Bluetooth Beacon page and request a beacon for your business. Then, Facebook will mail you a device that is incredibly easy to set up.
You simply remove the packaging and then visit fb.me/place-setup to customize your message and customer experience once they log onto Facebook from your location!

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