What Is a Blog and What Is Its Value?

A blog is a recurring form of content for a company that provides personal insight and information for those that visit your website. For a digital marketer, content is everything, and there are numerous benefits to curating a consistent blog on your company’s website. Read on to learn how a blog can take your brand to new levels.

Search Engine Positioning

A savvy marketer knows how to appeal to the algorithms that prioritize websites on search engines. Whether you use Google, Bing, or Yahoo, most search engines give preference to company websites with consistent and new content. In fact, websites with current blogs receive 55% more traffic over sites lacking a blog.

Repetitive Product Reminders

Curating a consistent brand voice on your blog can serve as a means to stay fresh in the mind of your customers. If a past customer used your product long ago and has a need for a complementary good or service, your blog can serve as a reminder that you can fulfill that need. Creating a steady flow of informative content keeps your customer’s attention fixated on your company, which is invaluable in converting sales.

Blogs Withstand the Test of Time

Long after you have published a blog on your website, it can be found through a Google search. Having a library of diverse content can reach potential customers months or even years after you post it on your website. Unlike short-form content, a blog can continue driving traffic for you in search engine results for an indefinite amount of time!


Producing consistent blog content that reaches your target audience is valuable to any company, but can prove to be quite time consuming! Thankfully, Uptick has years of experience producing quality blogs for countless companies, including ourselves. Contact us today for more information on how a blog could help your brand.

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