What is Content Marketing and Why it Matters

In today’s society, people value education and knowledge.
In fact, did you know that 70% of customers prefer to get to know a company by the content they provide – not by advertising? Why? Because when you clearly communicate and educate your audience through articles, blogs, videos, and other informative content, you are building authority – you are showing your target audience that you are an expert on the products and services that you offer.
Put simply: Content marketing builds trust. Trust is what drives customers to your business.
The Internet and Content Marketing
One of the best ways to spread content is with the power of the internet.
At this time last year, 78.1% of the population in the United States denoted that they are internet users – a number that will continue to grow around 2% per year. Furthermore, approximately half of these users spend time online each day.
Taken together, one of the most effective ways to market your business in a manner that builds trust and reaches the most people is through online content marketing.
The Content Marketing Process
How, exactly, do you effectively market your business online?
We know that content is essential for building trust and using the internet (which includes social media platforms) is the best way to gain reach – and therefore increase your ability to influence your target audience.
The first part of the process involves creating the content. More often than not a copywriter is the best solution to effectively taking your business’s message, products, and services and clearly communicating them in a manner that increases the chances of getting your audience to take the desired action (call you, buy your products or services, etc.).
Once the content is created, then you have to disseminate it to your target audience. For example, this blog post (content marketing) is designed to educate (and therefore build trust). After creation, it we will put it on the Uptick website and then share it via social media platforms, email newsletters, etc. If people find it useful, they’ll then pass it along either online or in person.
However, which platforms you use, the method that you market the material, and the way you target your audience varies depending upon your business and your audience.
The goal is to leverage content marketing and integrate informative, educational material into your existing marketing strategy (which has to include online marketing and social media engagements) to build trust. This trust translates into new customers.
If you want to increase your business’s ability to build trust with customers and expand your online presence through effective content marketing that works, contact Uptick Marketing today!

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