What is Periscope? A New, Incredible App!

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So, whats the new hottest thing in social media? Periscope!
I probably didn’t have to tell you that because everyone is talking about it. However, being the social media nerd I am, I’ve been using it all weekend and have some insights I want to share!

Periscope Advances Social Media

People are always thrilled about new and exciting ways to stay connected and to get insight into the lives of other people. Why else do we obsess over our Facebook newsfeeds?
All of our social media tools allow us to get as close to real time connecting as possible, but in a sense, every social post we read is viewed after the event has occurred. Want real-time live video? Welcome to Periscope!

What is the Periscope App?

Periscope sets itself apart by bringing us live streaming socialization! Plus, it has an incredible already noteworthy partner – Twitter. Due to this partnership and the uniqueness of the platform, I see Periscope becoming an incredibly innovative asset not only to individual social media experiences, but for business social media as well.
You can download the Periscope App in the app store on your iPhone (not available in other platforms, yet).
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How Does Periscope Work?

First, let me explain just exactly how this new app works.
Periscope is connected to Twitter, so you login with your Twitter account and instantly have options to follow featured users, as well as people you already follow on Twitter. Once you complete this setup, you are on your way to watching or creating your first live stream.
Enable your camera, audio, and location (if you so desire) and with one touch you can start broadcasting live!
Your Twitter followers will see a tweet with a link to your stream, or you can invite viewers via email. Viewers can then watch what you are doing live and send you love (similar to facebook/instagram likes). Or, they can make commentary that you will be able to view, allowing you to respond right away!
Once you are done broadcasting, your video will still be available to your followers for 24 hours.

Why Was Periscope Created?

According to the founders, Periscope was created to help people see the world through the eyes of those who are different from you.
Sure, you can use Periscope to learn more about the lives your favorite celebrities if they have a live stream (I, admittedly, have been stalking Ellen DeGeneres); however, you can also learn more about other people and actually see life from their perspective live in a way that was not possible before Periscope.
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Who’s Already on Periscope?

Within the first week, users have tuned in to see major companies and celebrities alike!
There are already so many exciting streams happening live at your fingertips –  from Mountain Dew, Red Bull, Spotify, and AOL, to Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Aaron Paul, and Ringo Starr.

How Are Companies Using Periscope?

Spotify featured a behind-the-scene concert of folk singer Conor O’Brien. AOL showed us a live company meeting. Ellen periscoped Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ashley Benson playing a crazy new game during the live filming of her show!
The app is so new, and yet we are already seeing how many different types of opportunities are there for both individuals and businesses.

The Future of Periscope

The future of Periscope is in our hands.
I think we will be seeing a much more inclusive version of business. With users being let into company meetings and allowed to comment, ideas can easily be shared and feedback can quickly be received. The result? Better ideas and an ability to get consumer feedback in real time.
News may be available ‘on the scene of the crime,’ offering a whole new perspective to major events. Knowledge and experiences can now be spread faster than ever!
At the end of the day, Periscope is a wonderful way to step into someone else’s shoes for a little bit of time, and the possibilities are endless! How will you use Periscope for your business?

How Will Uptick Marketing use Periscope?

At Uptick, we are pumped to jump on the periscope bandwagon in new and inventive ways.  Download Periscope and follow @UptickMktg on Twitter to see how we decide to embrace live streaming. Maybe we’ll see you at our next Lunch and Learn, which we plan to stream through Periscope!

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