What You Missed at the Last Lunch & Learn: Analytics 101

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We just held our latest Lunch & Learn at Innovation Depot in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. We had a good turnout and great food. If you missed the discussion with SEO strategist Lance Moore and marketing analyst Jerry Brown, don’t worry! Catch up here with 5 things you need to know about web analytics.
Raw data without action is useless.

#1: Sessions are not a hit.

A session represents a single user’s number of visits to your site. This is important because it gives you an idea of the traffic your site is generating. No traffic, no business.

#2: Users are different from sessions.

Users are the number of individuals that visit your site. This number is typically less than the number of sessions, because Google puts a cookie on each computer/device that visits. When that same individual visits again, it does not count twice. That computer is only recognized as one user.

This helps you see how often your visitors frequent your site. Are all of your views from new users? Are those visiting your site coming back more than once? How often? Answering these questions can help you decide how to best craft your message to your audience.

#3: Page views, page sessions, and average visit duration are essential pieces of data you can gather from Analytics.

With the help of a Birmingham web analytics company, you can see how many pages a single visitor looked at on your page. You can see, on average, how long visitors look at your site’s pages and how long they stay on your site as well.

This information allows you to gauge your audience engagement. If your visitors are only visiting one page, you can figure out why and develop a strategy to improve those statistics. Perhaps you need to funnel your viewers to connecting pages or rethink the flow of your content.

#4: Beware of the Bounce Rate.

Google considers any visit to your site that is less than ten seconds a bounce. If a visitor only views one page and then exits your site, that is also considered a bounce.

If you have a high bounce rate, you want to know why people are leaving your site. Are they stopping by because they were referred through a link on another site but leaving before becoming engaged? You may want to rethink your website strategy.

#5: How many views are from mobile devices?

As Jamie Parris commented at the L&L, “It is too late to chase the mobile trend. At this point, your site simply must be mobile responsive.”

Desktop computers only make up approximately 18% of computer sales in 2015. If most of your views are on tablets and smartphones, you must optimize your content so that it is not only targeted to those users but well-formatted for those devices.

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