Which Valentine Are You?

Okay, so, Valentine’s Day isn’t for everybody. We get it. Maybe you look forward to candy hearts and flowers all year long, or maybe you’re the founding member of S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day) and you’ve got big plans to watch Netflix all night, by yourself, in your pajamas.
(True story: In college, my friends and I made S.A.D. t-shirts one year for Valentine’s Day. Because we were really cool.)
Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day fan or not, you’ll definitely appreciate these Valentine’s Day memes, courtesy of the internet. There’s one for every type of Valentine – which one are you?

#1: The Clueless Valentine

Sure, you’ve heard of Valentine’s Day. But honestly, the whole idea of a date / card / flowers is pretty much lost on you. As far as you’re concerned, February 14 is just another Tuesday. (And your idea of the perfect date is April 25, because it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket! [Miss Congeniality, anyone?!])

#2: The Single-and-Proud Valentine

Who needs a date? NOT YOU. You’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with your favorite person – yourself! And that’s the way you like it, thank you very much.

#3: The Love-My-Dog-More-Than-People Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, you’ll be celebrating the one friend who’s never let you down: your dog! Because if anyone deserves a treat, it’s the one little guy who thinks about you literally all the time.

#4: The Hopeful Valentine

You know it’s kinda cheesy, but secretly, you’re hoping someone will confess their love for you this Valentine’s Day! And if there were some chocolates involved, that’d be okay. And roses. And string lights. And – well, you get the picture.

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