Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing Now More Than Ever

Life before the coronavirus used to revolve around frequent grocery store trips, social outings, travel, gym sessions, restaurant dates, and so on. But now, our daily lives revolve around makeshift workspaces, grocery delivery, remote meetings, and indoor entertainment. In short, COVID-19 has isolated us from the outside world (for safety reasons, of course), limited client foot traffic, and affected businesses small and large in big ways. 
In order to stay afloat, now, more than ever, businesses must turn to digital marketing to continue to meet the ever-changing demands of their customers, and to stay relevant during the pandemic––and beyond. 
The key to resilience during these times is the development of ongoing marketing strategies to mitigate this tremendous change. That’s where we come in. 

Digital Adaptability Is Key to Your Business’s Success

The almost total disappearance of live events, conferences, and leaving the house altogether poses an enormous challenge for businesses that are new to the digital world. Many small businesses that aren’t digital natives are shocked that almost every single customer they’ve gained through word-of-mouth has vanished. 
For larger companies, the loss can feel even more extreme as the weight of cancelled events costs them thousands, if not millions, of dollars. The loss on both sides makes recovery look bleak, but there are ways to recover. The first step? Businesses need to adapt, and get out of their comfort zones with regard to their online presence. 
Digital marketing is clearly the winner here, and companies—including ones who don’t even know what Instagram is—will need to move into social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and online ad campaigns to get them through the tough times ahead. Here’s how.

How Can Your Business Digitally Adapt?

For your business to be resilient, it needs to adapt––we know that much, right? But what does adaptability mean, especially in a digital sense? 
If it’s standard in your business to go out and meet prospective clients before securing a deal, adapting may mean opening up new channels on social media or online where you can communicate screen-to-screen, and new relationships can still be fostered. 
In the coming months, your prospective clients will be less likely to engage in maskless face-to-face interaction due to concerns of their own health and safety. You’ll need to find ways to creatively engage with your audience, communicate your brand, and build relationships so that you can continue pouring into your business’s growth remotely. 
Here are a few other ways you can adapt digitally:

  • Launch a new website, complete with e-commerce choices for online shopping accessibility.
  • Create social media campaigns geared towards at-home workers in your target audience.
  • Refresh existing social pages to cater to work-from-home scenarios.

Still Scratching Your Head? We’re Here to Help.

This probably feels like a lot to take in—especially now—but your clients need you now more than ever. Making small tweaks to your marketing strategy is a great starting point to help your business embrace this uncertain time, and a great way to lend a helping hand to your clients. 
Although COVID-19 has disrupted businesses and tanked foot traffic, you can expect digital marketers to keep their plans consistent and adjust accordingly to meet clients where they are. If you need help, we’re here to supply you with our marketing expertise––get in touch with us today. 

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