Why One Person Can’t Handle All Your Digital Marketing

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A lot of people think digital marketing is the “easy” part of their company’s marketing strategy—as in, it’s so easy, all I need is a new college graduate with a degree in marketing, or my sister-in-law, or my nephew, to handle it. Because it’s basically just posting on social media and they know how to do that, right? 
The problem is, digital marketing is a lot more than just posting a selfie on social media. There are so many elements to a digital strategy—blogging, SEO, social media, PPC, retargeting, behavioral, boosting, graphic design, website copy, video—that it’s absolutely impossible to have one person doing all of it. If they’re a robot, maybe. But that new college graduate you’re considering probably isn’t a robot, which means he or she can’t handle the execution of a full digital marketing strategy on their own. 

Digital Marketing is a lot Like Baseball

Think about it this way: On the surface, baseball isn’t a complicated sport. People throw a ball at each other, and some other people run around. Right? Now, imagine a baseball team trying to play all nine positions with just one person. That person would have to pitch, catch, man the bases, cover the outfield, and play shortstop—all by himself! Do you think that would work? Definitely not. It would be a disaster! Every baseball player specializes in one position, and if you want the process to work like it’s supposed to, you need those players covering their individual roles. 

Why You Need a Team of Digital Marketing Experts

Digital marketing works the same way. You might hire someone who just graduated college with a marketing degree because they’re young. You don’t have to pay them much, and their Instagram feed looks good—but what you might not think about is that they can’t write blogs, design ads, or even run a social media account with a strategic business mindset. What you’ve hired is a social media specialist that you now have to train to run your social accounts the way you want them, because this person has no experience and only a couple of true skills. 
At Uptick, we have a team of 18 people who all specialize in something—because that’s how many people it takes to do digital marketing the right way. One person simply can’t do it on their own. Don’t trust your company’s public internet presence to someone that isn’t equipped or qualified to handle it—instead, trust it to a team of professionals with years of experience and the specialized skills your company needs. 

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About Alan

Alan Harned is Uptick’s Marketing Consultant Manager. He graduated from Birmingham’s Samford University, creating video content for Samford’s athletic department right after graduation. He also completed a multi-year stint at Student Life for Lifeway Christian Resources. His work at Uptick includes leading a team of Marketing Consultants, analyzing campaign results, recommending digital marketing services and swaps, and refining marketing strategies to suit clients’ short and long-term goals best. His previous experience in video gives him a great reference point for creative work, which offers clients additional perspective when strategizing.

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