Why You Need Ongoing SEO for Your Business

There are few things in life and business that you can establish once and never have to cultivate again. If you are approaching your SEO strategy with a one-and-done mentality, your site may get off to a great start, but your ranking will eventually plateau and then drop off completely in a year or two.
Laying a foundation for SEO is a great start, but the practice of ongoing, or retainer, SEO is crucial to maintaining the sustainability of your site’s high ranking. Search engine optimization is a tool that is always evolving; therefore, top results are gained when attention is paid to new developments, fresh content creation, and constant analysis of results.

The Future of SEO Is Relevancy

Google relies on having the most relevant results, not the ones that are optimized the best. The dependent relationship between search engines and those searching leads to their algorithm constantly being tweaked. This is what makes the game of ongoing SEO so exciting and frustrating: the rules are constantly changing.
One of the biggest opportunities is the increasingly social and real-time nature of search. This leaves the door open for on-demand SEO tactics that leverage newsworthy events. Ongoing SEO allows your site to use social media and content marketing to stay plugged into current events.

New Content Is Crucial

If you have ever been preached to about the importance of keeping up with content, you already know the value of blogging. In addition to blogs, there are other great ways to refresh your site. Adding new pages and constantly going back to tweak old ones will revive your content and let you reach a wider audience by using different keywords each time you make changes. A good web design is important, but content is what keeps your site ranked and easily found by search engines.

Ongoing SEO Lets You Analyze Results

SEO is often a test and re-test process where results constantly indicate what is working and what is not. In order to effectively use SEO tactics, it is necessary to keep track of the analytics. Ongoing SEO will allow you to make adjustments based on your findings by increasing what is working and reevaluating strategies that aren’t yielding the best results.
Initially, SEO strategies will separate you from your competition; however, it is only a matter of time before a competitor gets smart and begins using your keywords. To discover if this is happening and make the necessary changes to maintain your separate, higher ranking, the practice of ongoing SEO is essential.
SEO is a marketing investment: the more diligently you keep up with retainer SEO, the more targeted, organic growth your site will experience. This will ultimately grow your business, encourage an innovative mentality, and allow you to step ahead of your competition.
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