Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads That It Should Be

website isn’t generating leads
Maybe you have a pretty new website you paid a lot of money for and/or spent a lot of time on. Maybe you’ve updated your old site to a chic, colorful beauty. Maybe you think your site is fine for the most part, but it’s falling short on what your business needs most: new leads. No matter the online situation you’re in, you want your website to deliver and it just isn’t right now. Here’s why your website isn’t generating leads that it should be—even though it’s brand new, recently updated, and/or works for you (besides where it doesn’t). 

#1: Your Content Doesn’t Do Enough

Ever heard the phrase ‘content is king?’ Well, often it is. Your content is a main driving force for your audience to act; it primes them for your product, service, or whatever you’re selling. Lackluster or bland content does just that: it falls flat. It doesn’t offer solutions or inspire your customers to act. Content needs to be interactive as well as informative. Your content should position your audience as the hero of their own story, you as their ready-made guide, and your products/services as how to help them solve their problem and win the day. 

#2: You Don’t Have a Compelling Call-to-Action

This next point flows almost immediately from the above. Some websites lack a compelling call-to-action (CTA) or skip out on one altogether. Again, your content needs to drive your customer through the marketing funnel. You can’t expect customers to know what you want them to do or for them to even want to do it in the first place. That’s where a call-to-action comes in. It helps drive home the point of what they ought to do and even why they should do it. And the great thing about CTAs is they’re often super simple—often something along the lines of “Sign Up for Our Newsletter,” “Get a Live Demo,” or “Schedule a Free Call.” 

#3: Your Credibility Isn’t There Yet

Reviews are huge. Landing a good Google review can be the difference between a sale and a bust. What we’re saying here is this: Your site does matter, but so does your Google Business Profile. Make sure to attend to it too. Good reviews build credibility and show that other people have done business with you. It’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more business you have, the more business you’ll get. 
And there are other means to gain credibility as well. This can be through a thriving social media following, mentions by media outlets and other companies about you, accolades and awards you’ve won, and more. You want to showcase the things you can on your site and tend to your other online presences too. 

#4 Your Site Isn’t Optimized

It’s one thing to have a site live on the web. It’s another to have it fully optimized so others can find it. One reason why your website isn’t generating leads is because it’s not speaking the language it needs to or in the way it needs to say it. Optimizing your site for SEO is the online equivalent of having ads for your business on television or radio; they do essentially the same thing: attract attention and get you noticed. Sure, there are PPC, behavioral, and retargeting ads you can run to follow people around on the web—but you can attract people to your site by also investing in search engine optimization. People are using search ALL the time. It’s a huge way to get your business out there for people to see. 
What goes into website optimization? Here’s a helpful breakdown if you aren’t fully versed in SEO. For brevity’s sake, optimization includes curating content for both your website visitors and the search engines that crawl your site. You’ll need to add relevant keywords to your on-page content as well as your site’s metadata in order for search engines to understand and catalog what it is you do—and how you’d be helpful to users.

#5: You Need a Better Keyword Strategy

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO: They are literally what people are searching for when they’re on the web. But that doesn’t mean every keyword is relevant to your business or can be reliably or reasonably targeted by you. That’s why you need a tailored strategy to reap the most out of what keywords can offer you. You’ll need to know your audience, determine which keywords can help you convert, and target long-tail keywords that aren’t overly competitive. 

Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads Now, But It Can

We know you’re fond of your website. It just needs some tender loving care to get the ROI you’re after. If your website isn’t generating leads, and you’d like it to, reach out to Uptick Marketing. Our SEO experts can help whip it into shape—and hone in your messaging as well—to maximize your content’s reach and ability to inspire your audience to act.