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Does Google impact your purchasing decision? Most likely more than you think. Google crawls the Internet and provides search results specifically targeted to the individual, based on various factors like geographic location and what type of device the individual is searching on.
Within the last year, Google processed over a trillion search queries. That means a lot of people are turning to Google to help them make daily decisions. To better understand, research suggests that Google users are not scrolling past the first 3-5 results, let alone to the second page.
What are they looking for when they search? Consumers are looking for word of mouth marketing.

The Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

Just as you would trust your sister or your best friend to tell you their honest opinion of the latest restaurant, consumers trust online reviews much more frequently than what the company itself has to say about its products and services. Naturally. It makes sense.
Google has integrated reviews into its search results for businesses. So, if I search “digital marketing firm in Birmingham,” I see that Uptick Marketing has 10 reviews and five stars. So, where does that information come from?

Google does the work for you. Instead of having to search for reviews yourself, Google pulls the information from Google+ reviews. Many people also turn to sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Facebook. Results of studies conducted reveal that over 60% of Internet users use online reviews to make purchasing decisions.

Taking Advantage

For this reason, three things are very important:

  • Asking for reviews. The more reviews you have, the more legitimate your business appears. Any customer can give your business a review on your business’ Google+ page. Google then creates a star system, averaging the ratings you receive. That information is then displayed in your search results.
  • Having quality reviews. Yes, quantity is important, but even more so is quality. To ensure that your reviews are worth reading, you must oversee the feedback you receive through actively monitoring your Google+ page.
  • Responding to reviews. Active engagement is important. Whether you receive a review through Google+ or an external source like the Yellow Pages, your business should monitor and respond to that feedback. If it is a good review, you allow that customer to see that you value their business and the time they took to give you a review. If you see a negative review, that is your opportunity to publicly apologize and turn that comment into positive publicity.

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