Your Brand Awareness Campaign: What Not to Do

brand awareness campaign
Facebook gives us so many options when it comes to advertising that it can be really easy to try way too much all at once. The other problem? The majority of today’s marketers think that all it takes is an “about us” video and a “shop now” button to make a good brand awareness campaign. 
But can we tell you something? If brand awareness is your goal, those things won’t cut it. Not even a little. Telling your customers to “shop now” is pressuring them before you’ve given them a reason to want to shop now. Would you ever try to close a sale before introducing yourself? We didn’t think so. 

Nail Your Brand Awareness Campaign

The good news is that what you should actually do isn’t any more complicated than what you shouldn’t do. If you’re reading this and blushing because your campaign consists of an “about us” video and a “shop now” button, that’s okay—stop doing those things, and do these two instead: stop trying so hard, and focus
A brand awareness campaign isn’t super complex, but it is easy to go the wrong way about it. Focus in on the core purpose—to make people aware of your brand, right? The purpose is not to make a sale. There shouldn’t be a sales pitch anywhere near this campaign—it’s simply not for that end of the funnel. 
The most important thing is to remember that people don’t buy what you do—they buy why you do it. Do you run a pet hotel? That’s amazing, why do you do that? What’s the drive behind your business? What is it about running a pet hotel that gets you out of bed every morning, and makes you feel fulfilled and like you’re adding something to the world? Answer that, and put it in your brand awareness campaign. 
This is where not trying so hard comes in—keep it simple. State very simply, in a tone that matches your brand, what you do and why you do it. Videos are a great way to convey more about you. They’re engaging, dynamic, and you can fit a lot of content in without losing people’s attention. Just remember to have something concise your customers can read, too, if they aren’t somewhere they can watch an entire video. 
The gist is this: a brand awareness campaign is all about introducing yourself to the rest of the world. And that’s all it should be about—save your sales pitches for later.

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