Online Review Tracking

The 11th Day of Marketing: Online Reviews

Did you know that 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews? And a shocking 88% of those who utilize online reviews trust them just as much as personal recommendations? That means that a vast majority of your customers will not only check out online reviews for your company, but will also utilize those reviews…
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Word of Mouth Marketing through Online Reviews

Does Google impact your purchasing decision? Most likely more than you think. Google crawls the Internet and provides search results specifically targeted to the individual, based on various factors like geographic location and what type of device the individual is searching on. Within the last year, Google processed over a trillion search queries. That means…
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Why Online Reviews Are Important

 Summary: Wondering why online reviews are important? Lance talks about the value of online reviews for your business and how negative reviews can hinder your ability to obtain new business. Online reviews are extremely important to how people perceive your business.  Remember the old saying, “Perception is everything?” Well, that’s very much the truth when…
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