Is a Digital Marketing Agency Necessary?

You might wonder whether a digital marketing firm is necessary if your advertising happens in-house. Even if you confidently achieve your marketing goals, a digital agency introduces fresh ideas to your team based on consumer needs. Assuming you use social media advertising, an external team could explore new platforms and client engagement methods. An advertising agency also creates time for core businesses. Rather than obsessing over the right marketing techniques, your efforts can go into improving service delivery.

That’s not to mention the cost-savings that come with it. Flying solo for marketing isn’t without its costs. In-house digital marketing campaigns include expenses like employee salaries, overtime, medical benefits, and retirement savings. This is in addition to the cost of subscribing to internet marketing software. Each project may be unique, but digital advertising agencies have premium tools to simplify their work. 

Moreover, digital advertising is scalable. While in-house employees grow with the business, you can hire digital agencies per project, depending on your goals and budget. An advertising agency is an ongoing investment in your marketing that gives you a competitive edge.

How We Work at Uptick Marketing

At Uptick Marketing, we work in three straightforward steps. The first one is scheduling a meeting to understand your current position and future aspirations. If the partnership is workable, we go ahead to tailor a strategy that suits your audience, budget, and goals.
We take the time to explain our processes to each client to ensure we’re on the same page. Lastly, we launch the digital marketing strategy and link you to a personal marketing consultant for regular updates.

Our Digital Marketing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    You may offer a product that people need, but customers cannot find your business if it appears at the bottom of search results. One way to reach your target audience is through organic SEO. Note that search engine optimization isn’t limited to keywords. We provide growing businesses with other strategies, including local SEO to increase website visibility around your area.

    Our SEO services even include things like review tracking. Apart from increasing confidence with potential customers, positive reviews also boost your search rankings. Uptick Marketing offers a tracking platform to notify you of new comments and allow replies. Another service is web design. By building a responsive website, we increase load times for better website visibility and user experience.

  • Content Marketing

    As an expert in your field, customers expect you to answer their questions through vibrant, helpful content. However, many businesses underestimate the power of content marketing strategies. First off, connecting with your audience in a language they can understand builds reader relationships to improve brand loyalty.

    When it comes to online visibility, every new post is an opportunity to rank for more search queries. You’ll be pleased to know Uptick Marketing offers various learning formats for audience engagement. This includes web content, blogs, email newsletters, and even press releases. If you need other types of content, you can trust our writers to deliver top-notch marketing copy for value proposition.

  • Social Media Management

    Gone are the days when social sites were reserved for friendly banter. With nearly five billion global social media users, ignoring this space would be detrimental for any brand. Your current customers may not be online, but your future buyers surely will. While any business can have a social media presence, you need a proper strategy to beat the competition. Otherwise, your target audience may not see your posts, which could influence traffic and even sales.

    Our work as a leading Huntsville, Alabama marketing agency is to reveal your brand’s human side. Potential customers could skip your posts and even block you altogether if you come off as too salesy. Rather than taking a shot in the dark, our intentional process finds prospects and takes them through the shopping cycle step by step.

  • Video Production

    From boosting SEO and promoting social shares to complementing other online marketing techniques, videos play a major role in digital advertising. However, anyone with a phone can make a video. If you want to increase audience engagement, you need to invest in quality videos.

    Don’t worry, though; we can help you create a video that sells. The first step is organizing a fact-finding consultation to understand your marketing goals before proceeding to pre-production. Moreover, we script several videos (two short-form and one long-form) before shooting the final project.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic design sets the pace for your branding strategy. If your logo, typeface, and color scheme is recognizable, customers can distinguish you from other industry players. Another benefit is viewer interaction. Attractive content grabs a customer’s attention faster than low-quality visuals.

    Our Huntsville, AL marketing team strives to create a consistent brand message through graphic design. Feel free to contact us for business cards, logos, type kits, and other designs.

Choose from the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Huntsville, AL

At Uptick Marketing, we have all you would need in a digital agency in Huntsville, AL. With more than 40 in-house employees, you’re assured of professional support in various spheres of digital marketing. Unlike other agencies, we don’t offer package deals. Instead, we create a custom strategy for your business from our 30+ marketing services.
Are you struggling to achieve your business goals? We’d be happy to discuss all things digital marketing with you. Reach out to us today!