How to Reply to Positive Reviews on Your Google Business Profile

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NOTE: As of December 2021, Google My Business (GMB) is now Google Business Profile (GBP). This article has been updated from the original postdate of November 11, 2021 to reflect this new name change and relevant information.
Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business, allows you to respond when people leave positive or negative reviews. These reviews can have an impact on how others see your business; customers tend to trust businesses more when they see an occasional response to reviews. If you’re not replying to customer feedback, consider taking a little time to do so and you might notice an impact.

Why Respond to Online Reviews?

Even if a review is from a happy customer, it’s a good idea to reply. This shows that you’re willing to engage with customers; they’ll often appreciate the thoughtfulness and extra time you took to respond. Studies show that people are likely to trust a business more if they see responses to reviews on the business listing.

How to Post a Response to a Customer 

When replying to online reviews, it’s important to do so in a timely manner. This reflects well on your business and often pays dividends for your customer base: Others are more likely to do business with people who acknowledge their customers. Here are the steps you can take to reply to others when people leave reviews:

Make Sure Your Business Is Verified 

You’re unable to post replies to reviews if your business isn’t verified, so make sure that you complete the verification process as soon as possible after you set up your account. The process can take a few weeks to complete and it’s easiest to send the information through mail when you open your account.

How to Reply on a Computer

If you’re on a computer, you can use your Google Business Profile account to reply to reviews. On the left-hand side, you’ll see a menu that includes “Manage Reviews.” You can select your business location and see the reviews customers have left. Simply click reply, type in what you’d like to say, and click “Post Reply.”
If you’re replying on Google Search or Google Maps, click the circle in the top right part of your screen. This takes you to your account, where you can access your business profile. From there, the process is almost the same as with Google Business Profile.

Replying on Mobile

How to Reply on Android

Using your phone or tablet, go to the Google Business Profile app. Select the “Customers” option and then “Reviews”. After you find the review you’d like to reply to, tap it and write your reply. Hit send.
If you’re replying to reviews on Google Maps or Google Search, tap the circle in the upper right to go into your account and select your business profile. Follow the same procedure once you’ve entered your business name.

How to Reply on iPhone

When using Google Business Profile, go to the app on your iPhone and look for the reviews section. Tap on “Manage Reviews” and then look for the review you want to respond to. After you tap it, enter your reply and hit send.
From the Google Maps app or Google Search, access your account by clicking the circle in the top right of your screen. After you enter your company name, tap on the reviews option and find the post you wish to reply to. After entering your reply, hit send.

What to Say in Your Reply

You don’t need to say a lot in your reply and shouldn’t make attempts to advertise or upsell. The best responses express that you’re glad the customer’s experience was positive. Possible responses to the original review include the following:

  • “Thank you for your business. We hope you’ll stop back in soon!”
  • “We’re glad that you enjoyed our product/service.”
  • “Thank you for the opportunity to provide top-notch service.”

Keeping your responses short and sweet makes you come off as professional and direct. It also saves you time that could be spent on the core functions of your business. If the customer is satisfied, you don’t need to get into specifics as you would with negative reviews.

The Bottom Line

Customers enjoy seeing replies from a business owner after they’ve left a review, and they’re more likely to return when you show engagement. Other potential customers appreciate businesses that show they’re active in the community and going the extra mile for patrons.
In addition, Google likes to see that a business is replying to positive reviews as well. It’s always best to say thank you whenever anyone gives you a compliment, especially in the business world. Plus, taking advantage of chances to interact with customers helps set your business up for success!