What Makes a Workplace Exceptional?

Maybe it’s a ping-pong table or a cappuccino machine. Or maybe it’s Casual Friday, the ability to work from home, or a generous PTO policy. These things are great—but at Uptick, we believe culture is something different. Something more.

We believe that culture is rooted in people. When our company is made up of a team that believes in the power of hard work, continual improvement, and camaraderie, then the company as a whole will thrive—and so will the people within our walls. Our culture will only ever be as great as the team we build around us, and that means we only hire great people.

Don’t get us wrong: We love a quick game of ping-pong (Matt’s our reigning champ), and there’s not enough coffee in the world to keep up with the caffeine demand around here. Our dress code ranges from jeans-and-T-shirt to suit-and-tie, depending on the day, and we have the kind of flexibility that makes it possible to be devoted to our careers and our families without compromise. 

But these are perks. Not culture. 

Culture is pulling into the parking lot on a Monday morning and smiling because you’re about to see all your work friends again. 

Culture is spending three days on a company retreat, living in the same house as your coworkers, and feeling like you could do this forever (even when you all give each other the flu). 

Culture is not knowing where to start when someone asks what you love so much about your job.

In short, we believe that a great work culture comes from working hard, showing respect, caring about people as humans, and sharing our highs and lows. It stems from knowing the person next to you so well that you can anticipate their next move before they make it. And it’s born out of all the small moments that come together to make something great. 

Welcome to Uptick, where we’re always going UP—together.