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Our Rebrand

May 1, 2019

content marketing
A rebrand is oftentimes years in the making, whether we realize it or not. A company, if they’re doing things right, is always growing. Eventually they reach a point where they’ve outgrown their old branding. It’s never a snap decision or some surface-level marketing plan—it’s a realization that they’ve changed, and a desire to reflect that change in everything.
Here at Uptick, we believe that it’s okay to outgrow things—in fact, we highly encourage it. What has our growth looked like, you might ask? To us, and hopefully to you, it looks like confidence. That’s what this rebrand is centered around—a culmination of experiences and connections. We wanted something that felt refined and unique, with a new, solid foundation of our brand and our people. We’ve spent years getting better at what we do, and it’s time to reflect that with our branding.
The new symbol of our company represents constant upward mobility, which is what we’re always after—both for ourselves and for our clients. The colors green, blue, and yellow represent our mindset of growth, our trustworthiness, and our confidence. We ditched the all-caps “Uptick Marketing” for a lowercase “uptick,” because we’re so much more than a digital marketing firm.
We’re confident in our culture, and we’re confident in the way we do things. But that doesn’t mean we can’t always be doing better.
Welcome to the new Uptick, where we’re always going up.