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Audio Is Booming. Here’s How Audio Advertising Is Poised to Grow Even More.

March 3, 2022

audio advertising
Audio advertising is in a comfy position to continue its pattern of growth over the next few years. Like (almost) all things in life, the pandemic changed the advertising industry. In this blog, we’re focusing particularly on audio advertising. Keep reading to find out why and how.

Impervious to the Pandemic

In addition to the rising (pun intended) trend of made-from-scratch sourdough and zucchini bread during the pandemic, there’s also been an increase in podcast listenership. Just to put it into perspective for you, here are a few stats:

  • Pre-pandemic, around 26% of adults said they listened to a podcast at least once a week. Now, that number sits at about 32%.
  • In 2021, 22% of adults said they listened to podcasts more due to pandemic practices of social distancing and staying at home. That’s up 4% from 2020.

We cannot confirm how much of this listening was done while baking the sourdough and zucchini bread.

Audio Advertising in Podcasts

Just like radio, podcasting is prime audio advertising real estate. If you can see it or hear it, you can monetize it. Audio and digital streaming were already trending upward prior to 2020. The pandemic increased this even more. Podcast listeners are highly engaged and consistent, making them a goldmine when it comes to targeting.
Previously it was a pain for brands and agencies to buy ad space in podcasts because of a lack of automated tools, fragmentation, and targeting limitations. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, ads can be inserted dynamically, and potential customers can be reached through rich audience segment targeting. This means listeners can be reached based on device type, location, language, weather, etc.
Now advertisers can sequence ads across one or multiple episodes and have access to automated premium formats such as host-read ads.

Smart Home Devices

Whether you talk to Siri, Alexa, or your Assistant (Google), there’s one thing for sure: smart speaker device sales saw major growth last year. In fact, smart speaker ownership went up by 22% from 2020 to 2021.
There’s an opportunity to capitalize on this growth with interactivity with gadgets. Users can potentially respond to ads with their voices with calls to action like, “send me a sample”, “book an appointment”, or “order a product.” And just like with social media advertising now, this interaction would be trackable to measure campaign success.

Thank You, Technology

There’s more premium content being created than ever before. Mobile devices have created a world where audiences can almost always be reached with advertising. With new social audio places like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces being created in the digital universe, audio advertising on social media platforms is also an area of opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of.
If you’re ready to dive into audio advertising or just looking to step up your digital advertising in general, we’d love to speak with you! Get in touch today to learn how you can use online marketing and advertising to grow your business.