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Did you know that only 3% of your website visitors will act on their first visit to your website? That means 97% of people leave your website without acting – without buying, filling out a form, calling, downloading, or signing up for a newsletter.

Your business can’t thrive by only converting that 3%. You need more visitors, more leads, and more customers.

How do you get that 97% back to your website? You use online ad retargeting.

Online ad retargeting puts your business in front of those who visited your website but left without making a buying decision.


When someone visits your website (or specific pages on your website), your ad shows up throughout the web, including Facebook. The ad encourages them to return to your website.

Since it takes 7 to 10 touch points before someone decides to buy from your business, ad retargeting is incredibly effective at keeping your brand top-of-mind until prospects decide to act.

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When someone has recently encountered your brand, it is nearly impossible for them to ignore your ads. Our brains are trained to notice the familiar. Therefore, online ad retargeting keeps your business top-of-mind until prospects are ready to buy.

The goal is to get your target audience back to your website and ultimately contacting you or providing you with their contact information. We often couple ad retargeting with discounts, free eBooks, and other incentives to encourage them to return to your site and connect with your business.

Let Uptick Marketing in Birmingham, Alabama create an online ad retargeting campaign that helps nurture your prospects through the buying cycle. Contact us today to learn how you can stay in front of website visitors. 

Online Website Retargeting Stats

Only 3% of website visitors convert on their first visit.
Retargeting increases conversion rates by up to 70%.
Online retargeting now accounts for 60% of display ad spend.

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