You’ve heard of content marketing, but do you truly understand what that term means? When you boil it down to fundamentals, content marketing is anything you put out there that communicates with your target audience. Pretty broad, right? Yes, but practically speaking, there’s a more refined definition: Content marketing is a strategic approach to communication with a target audience without the intent to sell anything. Instead, the point is to provide valuable information, engage or entertain your audience, and position yourself as the expert in your field. 

There are multiple ways to accomplish this. At Uptick, we focus on blogging, website content, email newsletters, and the occasional press release, but that’s not the limit of what we can do. If you need words on a page, our writers are your best bet for professional, engaging content that clearly communicates how your business can meet your audience’s needs. 

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By turning your company’s expertise into digestible articles that work to build your customers’ trust over time, you tell your story the modern way. Blogs are a great way to keep your website up to date (which is important for search engine optimization), but they can also be shared on social media or in email newsletter campaigns. We even use our own blog articles as a way to educate our existing clients when they come to us with a question about digital marketing. 

Website Content

Your website content matters. Not only does great website content that is optimized for search engines help to build trust with your readers, but it also builds trust with Google. As part of your content marketing strategy, we may choose to create new content for key pages of your website. Every page of content we create for your business is search engine optimized and is designed to appeal to your target audience.

Email Newsletters and Email Lead Nurturing Campaigns

One of the best things about email marketing is the ability to put your content directly into the inbox of your customers and prospects. Email marketing involves more general communication with your audience, like sending monthly newsletters, happy birthday messages, and important business updates.

Email lead nurturing campaigns are a more comprehensive approach—they are designed to “nurture” a customer through the buying process from start to finish. If we choose this method for your strategy, we’ll develop a series of emails that move your prospects through your sales funnel, giving them the information they need, when they need it, depending on the actions they take along the way.


Great content not only educates your audience, but it also makes your site more dynamic, relevant, and valuable. When you don’t update anything on your website for long periods of time, it becomes a sort of digital ghost town. Fresh content helps to build trust with your target market as you answer their frequently asked questions, highlight your team’s expertise, and share the human side of your business.

Additionally, fresh content is essential for search engine optimization efforts. Visibility is the name of the game in SEO. You want your site to house keywords that will help Google find you when your audience is looking for what you have to offer, and content marketing plays a key role in helping your site rank organically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Strategic content marketing works wonders. From building trust to improving brand awareness and driving website traffic, content marketing is important for any company’s online marketing strategy. Our digital marketing agency can help you create and track specific metrics tailored to your company’s unique goals.
  • How does content marketing lead to sales and revenue? Content marketing works by providing your audience with something of value without asking for anything in return. This tactic helps you build trust and demonstrates your authenticity. By establishing that trust, your audience will feel more comfortable converting to paying customers.
  • The first step is to create buyer personas. Then, a content strategy can be created to best speak to each of those target markets. Finally, the content should be shared on social media and ideally boosted to those who match the specific buyer persona for best results.
  • Content marketing incorporates all the written and visual material that you use to educate your audience. Social media marketing works alongside content marketing by distributing and promoting the information on various social platforms.