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What Is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-targeting, also known as geo-fencing, allows you to directly reach your target market based on their location. We take an address and target anyone who comes into contact with a specified radius around that location.

Know the brick-and-mortars your ideal customers visit? Get your ads in front of them. Want to target the customers of your competitors? Follow them around online after they visit another business or store. Going to a trade show or conference? Put your ads in front of attendees. 

If you know where your customers are offline, we can target them online.

Who Needs Geo-Targeting?

Geo-targeting is ideal for events, trade shows, and conferences. Location-based targeting also works great for any business that either desires foot traffic or has a target market that frequently visits specific places before coming to your location.

From auto dealerships and retail stores to insurance agents, event venues, and political candidates, geo-targeting can quickly put your business right in front of your target market.

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How Does Geo-Targeting Work?

First, we create a strategy, working with you to determine the places your target market visits. Then, we create a custom “fence,” or digital boundary, to specifically target anyone enters the specified area. Your ads start showing up on any apps they use or as they browse the web for up to 30 days after they leave.

We can target based on the following:

  • Demographics (age, gender, parental status, job title, etc.)
  • Websites / domains they visit (even event, conference, and trade show sites) .
  • Emails your target market receives (even from the event organizer or competitors)
  • Geographic location

Is your target market located in a specific office building? Do you only want to target people within one mile of your office or store? Want to put your ads in front of those attending specific events, trade shows, or conferences? Geo-targeting with Uptick Marketing can help!

Get in front of your ideal customers. Improve your brand awareness. Outsmart the competition. Use geo-targeting to grow your business!

Contact us today to start using geo-targeting for your brand.

Geo-Targeting Stats

of consumers prefer targeted ads over non-targeted ads.
marketing a business online It takes 10 touch points to convert prospects into buyers.
Targeted ads are 2X as effective as non-targeted ads.

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