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Advertising used to be a giant pain that nobody liked. That’s because it was disruptive—just when you’re really getting into your evening TV show, bam! A commercial break hits and suddenly you’re hearing about a product that you have no interest in.

These days, advertising is different—especially in the digital space. You’re not seeing ads for things you aren’t interested in; you’re seeing ads for things you love, things you need. It’s incredibly targeted and powerful, and if you’ve noticed ads from other companies online that seem to know exactly what you want and when you want it, you may have already thought about running similar ads for yourself.

The problem is that advertising is a complex, multilayered discipline that’s always changing. It requires several different types of skills, like copywriting, graphic design, budget management, and knowledge of multiple advertising platforms. If that sounds like a lot to handle on your own, you might be interested to know that here at Uptick, we have three different teams that work on every ad campaign we produce. So yes, it is a lot to handle, and if you’ve tried to do it all on your own, you probably already know that’s not really advisable.

Here are a few types of advertising that Uptick offers.

Display Advertising

Where search engine marketing relies on text ads that appear in search results, display advertising uses graphic ads. Generally, display advertising can be broken down into three categories: behavioral advertising, geo targeting, and website retargeting.

Behavioral Advertising

With behavioral advertising, we can help your business target people who visit certain types of websites or search for similar products or services online. When someone searches for specific words or browses specific types of websites, your ads will then follow them around online.

Geo Targeting

Geo targeting allows you to target people who enter a specific “fence.” A boundary zone is created, and if someone enters that zone, your ads start following them around the web. This service is great for trade shows and events, conferences, and places where you know your target market spends their time.

Website Retargeting

When someone visits your website (or certain pages on your website), your ads follow them around as they browse online. The goal of website retargeting is to remain top of mind and help encourage them to return to your website. You know when you search on Amazon for a product and it shows up later in your social media feed? That’s website retargeting!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) via Google Ads puts your text ad in Google search results when people search for your products, service, or even competitors. Consumers turn to search engines to research before making buying decisions, or to find companies that have the products and services they wish to buy. Advertising on search engines positions your company right where they are searching, increasing the likelihood that they will choose you over the competition.

With this type of advertising, the Google Ads platform is used to create text ads that show in search results. You are charged each time your ad shows up in search results and is clicked.

Additional Digital Advertising Services

Google PPC

Pay-per-click advertising puts your business ads at the top of search results, allowing you to better reach your target market.

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Behavioral Advertising

Take your business to the next level with behavioral advertising – reaching your target market like never before.

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Geo Targeting

Drop pins on a map and target everyone in that location – putting your business in front of your target market.

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Website Retargeting

Keep your brand in front of your target market until they are ready to make a buying decision.

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