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Technical SEO is the behind-the-scenes wizardry that optimizes your website's technical aspects to enhance its search engine visibility and user experience. It’s the solid foundation to build the rest of your digital presence, enabling search engines to understand and showcase your content effectively.

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Build Your Digital Foundation With Technical SEO

From page speed and mobile responsiveness to structured data markup and XML sitemaps, Technical SEO is basically the person behind the curtain, fine-tuning behind the scenes. This attention to detail ensures that search engines can effortlessly explore and understand your content, leading to improved search rankings and an enhanced user experience. Technical SEO forms the foundation for your website to boost visibility, functionality, and performance.

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There are two factors to consider when it comes to Technical SEO—crawling and indexing. If you don’t know what that means, then don’t worry. You’re not alone. We’ll break down what they mean and how you can set your site up for success.


The first thing you want to do with Technical SEO is to make sure your website is easy for search engines to “crawl.” Crawling is the process that search engine bots use to systemically browse the pages on your website to collect information about what your business does. These automated bots scan your pages’ content, images and links to determine relevancy, quality, and ranking of your web page in search results.

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Here are a few ways Technical SEO can help your website’s crawlability.

Start with an SEO-friendly sitemap.

Your sitemap is basically a road map for your website. When your sitemap is clear and organized in a way that makes sense, bots are able to easly understand the hierarchy of your site’s content. Beyond that, a thoughtfully-crafted sitemap helps you identify broken links and benefits your user experience.

Send that sitemap to Google.

This part of Technical SEO can get a bit, well, technical. Forgive our pun. You have to submit your sitemap to Google in a way that Google can actually understand, which is typically an XML. If you’re not a tech expert, that’s okay. (That’s why you hire experts like us!) An XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a type of text-based file format used to structure various types of content.


Once a search engine crawls your website pages, it doesn’t stop there. Think about it this way. The internet is similar to a library, and websites are the books. When the librarian goes out to get new books, that’s like bots crawling websites. But when the books get back to the library, they have to be catalogued so people can easily find them. Indexing is the process of analyzing the text, images, and links on all those websites that were crawled. This allows search engines to show relevant information in search results.

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Our partnership with Uptick has exceeded all our expectations. Everything they do is first-class, from communication to customer service to delivering a tailored marketing strategy with measurable results. It is clear they truly care about our business. Our consultant, Matt Spivak, is as knowledgeable, responsive, and kind as they come! We are very happy we made the decision to work with them.

Everyone at Uptick has just been fantastic to work with, and their results speak for themselves. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have been working with Alan, Monica, Manny, Luke, and others at Uptick for years and couldn’t be happier with the improvements in our marketing as well as the professionalism of everyone on the Uptick team. 10/10 recommend!!

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