SEO Consulting Services 

SEO isn’t what it used to be. Google and other search engines’ algorithms change at the drop of a hat. What worked yesterday gets you sitting at the bottom of the search engine results page today. This makes it hard for local businesses to stay relevant in search results.

SEO efforts can feel like running on a treadmill. It’s disheartening to throw everything and the kitchen sink at your digital marketing, yet not getting the results you want. What are you doing wrong? Let’s find out together.

What is SEO consulting?

SEO consulting is one of the most versatile SEO services. It’s ideal for business owners who do their own digital marketing or for companies with overwhelmed in-house teams who need a hand with organic search. 

Staying on top of the latest trends is almost impossible if it’s not your full-time job. It’s often difficult even for an SEO agency. So having a second pair of eyes to look at your site is almost a requirement for success.

It’s not always about finding mistakes, either. Sometimes, all you need is confidence and reassurance. We’ve had clients who had properly optimized quality content but changed course because results were coming in slowly. This, too, can happen.  To be fair, SEO can move at a snail’s pace sometimes so we don’t blame them.

When in doubt, it’s good to have an incredibly talented team of SEO specialists ready to help you tackle your digital marketing issues with a smile. At Uptick Marketing, we eat search engine optimization problems for breakfast (follow us for more diet tips). 

Why our SEO consulting services are perfect for your business

Small businesses can get huge benefits from lead generation through website traffic. The only problem is search engine optimization can get bananas. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an exact science. It’s more a blend of science and art, with a dash of madness and that’s the area where we operate. You need a guide when you’re going down that rabbit hole.

Sometimes elbow grease isn’t enough

We’re big believers in hard work, but sometimes it hardly works. You can work your fingers to the bone and still not get search engines to notice you if you’re not doing the right things.

Sometimes you need to stop, reflect, and change course. And if you’re not sure how – get outside help. This is the perfect time to bring in a digital marketing agency to go over your SEO strategy and find better ways of generating traffic.

Don’t build a leaning tower

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built on an uneven foundation. While its inclination is great for tourist photos, it’s taken a tremendous amount of work over the years to keep the tower from toppling over.

Digital strategy is the foundation of your website. It will take a ton of work and resources to build and maintain your site if it’s sitting on an uneven foundation. Not to mention the tourist photos won’t be nearly as impressive.

While fixing the fundamentals is no fun, it’s a necessary step to getting the best results. Strategy is usually the first level that needs fixing before everything else can follow suit. SEO services like keyword research, link building, local SEO, meta optimization, etc., build on top of one another. Kind of like a tower. Don’t make it a crooked one.

You’re busy and you don’t have the time to play around

Running a business is no walk in the park. There are about a million things you have to think about and fires to out at every corner. The last thing you need is to play around with a new digital marketing agency every month.

No, you need solutions to your problems and you need them yesterday. Lucky for you, we have a proven process and an excellent track record of consistently getting results for our clients. And a time machine (okay, maybe not a time machine).

Why should you choose Uptick Marketing for SEO consulting in?

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “A learning experience is one of those things that says, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.’”

We’ve done plenty of “that”. And this is why we have such an experienced SEO team of specialists who have proven themselves in their respective fields, be it mobile websites, on page optimization, local SEO, project management, or paid search. 

Not another SEO agency

We know, we know. “That’s what they all say.” But in our case, it’s true. Our SEO consulting service goes way beyond search engine optimization.

We can also help you with paid search, local SEO, conversion optimization, social media marketing, video production, and consult you on website design changes (though we don’t offer web design services).

In short, we don’t merely help you grow your Internet marketing, but your business as a whole.

We can help you present your message like no one else

You don’t need to shout from the rooftops in order to be heard (though it helps). With digital marketing, you can reach the right people, at the right time without busting a lung in the process.

The right people would be interested in your unique story. They’d want to hear your message and understand the why behind the what of your business. But you need to cut through the noise before you can reach them.

This is where we swoop in and help you present your message in a way that converts people from prospects to leads, to paying customers faster than you can say, “ka-ching!” Let us make sure your SEO efforts are not in vain.

Tailor-made and bursting at the seams

Every business is different and has different needs. Law firms looking for local SEO are not going to be the same as an e-commerce brand hiring a marketing company. So we tailor our approach for each client.

Our strategies and digital marketing services are like a finely crafted Italian suit or dress. They fit perfectly. The only risk is they can burst at the seams once your business begins to rapidly grow when you climb the search engine results pages.

How does SEO consulting work?

There is an easy, 3-step process you need to follow if you want to consult with us.

Step 1: Book a Fact-Finding Meeting

We don’t want to keep talking about ourselves. We’d rather be talking about you and your business. This is the idea behind the Fact-Finding Meeting – you talk, we listen, and ask questions. We try to learn as much as we can about your business, niche, marketing campaigns, goals, and needs.

Step 2: We roll up our sleeves and get to work

Next, our talented digital marketing experts crack their knuckles and start doing their magic. Magicians never reveal their secrets, so we can’t give away the whole process. What we can assure is that it’s less about magic hats and spells (sorry, Harry Potter fans), and more about banging away at keyboards, doing market research, keyword research, and a comprehensive audit.

Step 3: We meet with you to present our findings and discuss next steps

After we analyze your website, your competitors, areas where you can improve, etc., we’ll sit down with you to present our findings. We’ll explain what we’ve found and why it’s important in plain English (keeping the technobabble to a minimum).

Finally, we’ll give you solutions and point out the next steps you can take. From there, you can apply the changes yourself, pass them over to your team, or hire us to apply them for you.

Simple, right?

Contact us today and learn how SEO can help increase your ROI!