Social Media Isn’t Just for Fun Anymore—It’s for Business

Social media is one of the fastest growing website traffic drivers out there, and since it’s free to use, you probably already see it as an appealing way to reach your audience. The problem is that in order to get people to go to your website from social media, your content needs to be compelling and consistent. Furthermore, your business should be posting content on each social media platform that your target markets are on. All of this requires a lot of effort from you, and if you’re like most business owners or marketing directors, you may not have time for that. 

Consumers today are social. If your current buyer is not on social media, your future buyers definitely have an online presence. Our team can help you find your target market and put your business’s message in front of where they are spending a significant amount of their time—on social media platforms.

Why Social Media Marketing and Advertising Matters

Did you know that less than 1% of your followers see what you post on your Facebook business page? If you’re simply posting to social media without putting advertising dollars behind those posts, you are seriously limiting your visibility.

Fortunately, social media allows you to put your business’s messages directly in front of your target markets at an incredibly budget-friendly price. In fact, social media advertising (especially on Facebook and Instagram) is currently underpriced, which means it’s a great time to invest in using these platforms to expand your business’s presence.

When used correctly, social media marketing is designed to use great content to build trust with your target market, keeping your business top of mind when consumers are ready to purchase. Although social media can lead to direct purchases, that should never be your ultimate goal. Using social platforms as a billboard will cause people to ignore or even block your posts. The most effective strategies involve educating your target market, creating engaging content, and showing the human side of your business. 

The truth is that your customers are already on social media, so you need to meet them where they are!

How We Help: Our Social Media Marketing Services

It is not enough to just advertise to people anymore—you have to constantly engage with your target market in order to obtain the desired results. We work with our clients to create great, compelling, and informative content that is designed to drive social media traffic to your website.  

Furthermore, we know how to leverage the incredible benefits of social media advertising to put your business in front of your target market. Still treating social media platforms like a dartboard? We can help you create an intentional social media strategy that is designed to help move your target market through the buying cycle—one piece of content at a time.

Social Media Content Creation and Posting

Our experienced social media team creates and posts content to your social media accounts. We leverage a platform that allows you to approve or request edits to posts before they go live, ensuring nothing ever goes live without your approval. We highly recommend that everyone also have a social media boosting budget to help get the content in front of your target markets.

When you first start services with us, we’ll collaborate with you to decide which social media platforms make the most sense for your business. Then we’ll decide how often to post, and what topics you want to make sure we post about. We’ll gather photos from you if you have them, gain access to your accounts, and create a strategy for your first month of posts. Once you approve that strategy, we’ll get to work drafting your first batch of posts for approval!

Social Media Advertising

In addition to the simple existence of your profile, you can take advantage of social media advertising to increase your visibility for your target audience. We can create and run original ad campaigns on the platforms that make the most sense for you—usually Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. 

From in-stream ads to story ads, carousel ads, and more, social media advertising is a powerful way to reach the people who want to hear from you and are ready to act.

Contact Us Today for Social Media Marketing!

If you’re ready to talk about how Uptick can help you create and execute a social media strategy like never before, give us a call or drop us a line—we’d love to talk through your goals and develop a plan to help you get there.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once social media posts are created, you will immediately start to see results. However, it is very important to put some advertising money behind each post in order to get real traction. Remember, social media platforms are designed to show company postings to a very small percentage of your followers. To cast a wider net, you have to sponsor your posts.
  • The answer to this one depends on your company’s unique goals, as there are several ways to measure success in the world of social media marketing. If you want to increase brand awareness, you might measure success by looking at your reach and impression metrics. If you want to drive traffic to your site, you might measure success by looking at the number of people who click and share your links. Whatever your goals, we will identify ways to measure your progress toward them!
  • We work with you to create content that is aimed at helping you achieve your company's overall goals and appealing to your target market. From highlighting your company or your products and services to sharing industry news and updates, we tailor our strategy to your business.
  • While it varies, the majority of clients do three posts per week on each of their chosen social platforms.
  • It depends on your business, products or services, and your target market. We are happy to work with you to decide which social sites are the best platforms for your business.
  • Our managing partner and our social media team will have access to the accounts we manage. Everything we post is sent to you for approval before it ever goes live.

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