Free Website Audit 

Your website is the backbone of your business in the modern marketplace. Whether you’re a local retailer or your company operates all over the country, people will likely meet your business online for the first time. You need to put your best foot forward.

This may be a little easier said than done, however.

Gone are the days when websites used to be a few simple lines of code. Now you have front-end and back-end development, web design, and digital marketing all working together to keep you competitive. With so many elements and complicated systems, something is bound to go wrong.

And when it does, you need to find out what it is and fix it. Quickly.

An SEO audit is like an X-ray for your website (without the confusing medical bill)

When you’re injured, you go to a doctor. The doctor then begins the diagnostic process by asking you questions, performing an examination, and ordering an X-ray to see what’s going on beneath the surface.

When your website doesn’t perform well in search engine rankings, we go through a similar diagnostic process. We begin by asking you questions about your business. We then examine your site and use numerous different tools to see the full picture.

A website audit won’t fix your site. It will show us where it needs work so we can form a strategy and recommend a course of action. A treatment, if you will, but without the medical bill.

They say, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” But if your website doesn’t show up on the first page of Google and bring you more traffic, then it’s as good as broken. 

Get your ducks in a row if you want your business to grow

Your website should be helping your bottom line. If it doesn’t, then you need to fix it. A site is useless for lead generation, no matter how pretty the web design is.

The issues that limit a website’s online visibility in organic search results aren’t always obvious. With a website audit, we can discover the problems and come up with a plan on how to fix them.

Pick the low-hanging fruit

A search engine optimization audit can reveal low-hanging fruit you can immediately pick. You can increase traffic and generate more leads with little effort. These situations are more common than you think.

We’ve performed SEO audits for potential clients who’ve had their own sites blocked from being discovered by search engines. Once our team removed the obstacles and optimized their content, traffic (and customers) began flooding in. SEO services have that effect.

Gain clarity about your website’s performance

A  website audit can help you learn about the inner workings of your site without costing you an arm and a leg. What works? What doesn’t work? How can we fix it? Devising a marketing strategy and picking the right SEO company for your needs is much easier once you know the answers to these questions. This clarity can spare you a major headache.

Discover hidden treasures

When we perform a comprehensive audit, our digital marketing experts don’t focus solely on what doesn’t work. Sometimes, there are things that work and you need to lean on them more heavily.

Like low-hanging fruit, these hidden treasures are scattered all around. We’ve had clients whose blog generated thousands of visits in monthly traffic, yet they didn’t use it in any way. A few simple tweaks remedied the situation.

What does a free website audit include?

We get really excited about our work. But we know you don’t care about the specifics and technicalities as much as you care about your business (obviously). While SEO is not rocket science, it can get a little complicated so we’ll skip the overly technical explanations. Instead, we’ll briefly showcase what’s included in our website audit without boring you to death. If you want to know more, you can always get in touch with us.

Onsite audit

The on-page optimization part of the SEO audit is mostly focused on what your potential customers see and experience. This includes things like:

  • Metadata – titles and meta description that appear on search engine results pages. They’re the first point of contact between the user and your brand.
  • Copy analysis – everything potential customers can read once they enter your website. This includes the header tags (H1, H2, etc.), the text itself (including targeted keywords), internal links, etc. Everything in this section is under your control and needs to be properly optimized.
  • Content analysis – a broader analysis of your content. Is it real and useful? Is it substantial? Do users convert? Is there keyword cannibalization (meaning different pages targeting the same keywords)? Do you have duplicate content? We analyze all of it and more.
  • User experience – this includes how your potential customers experience your website. Is the website design user-friendly? Do you have proper button placements? Do your buttons work (yes, this is a common issue)?

This is barely scratching the surface. However, we promised we won’t overwhelm you with technical jargon so give us a call if you want to know more.

Technical audit

When we perform a technical audit, we pop the hood to see what’s underneath. We tinker with things like:

  • Indexation – by far the most important technical aspect of search engine optimization. If your pages don’t get indexed, you can’t expect high rankings.
  • Page speed – users are getting more and more impatient. They demand fast loading speeds or they leave, never to return.
  • Robots.txt – this is a file that tells search engines how to behave on your website. Robots.txt can stand in front of your website like a bouncer and prevent crawlers from entering which creates a problem if you want search traffic.
  • Crawlability – once they’re on your site, can search engines go through your content? If they can’t, then that’s a serious problem we need to address.
  • Google Analytics – this is a very powerful useful tool courtesy of Google (obviously). It allows you to analyze your website traffic in detail. We check whether the proper code is in place and whether the site is gathering analytics.

Once again, this is not a comprehensive list.

Backlink analysis

The quantity and quality of links to your website remain one of Google’s strongest ranking factors. Google sees links as endorsements, so the more and the higher quality you have, the better.

Unfortunately, it works both ways. Having lots of low-quality links pointing to your website can hurt your rankings. Our SEO experts perform a detailed backlink analysis to see if you have bad links weighing you down.

We also try to determine whether this is the result of bad link building (for example, spammy business listings) or an attempt at sabotage. Spammy links plague lots of local businesses.

While Google has gotten smarter in “figuring out” which is which in recent years, it sometimes needs a hand. And we’re here to set the record straight.

Why choose Uptick Marketing for your website audit?

Out of all the digital marketing agencies in Birmingham, why should you choose us for your search engine optimization audit? Besides our irresistible smiles, here are a few to start with.

Free, but priceless

A detailed SEO audit can pack a boatload of value for your business. Yet we’re offering it to you for free. Why?

At Uptick Marketing, we want to deliver real value to our clients. We believe in our process. We believe in our search engine optimization experts. And we have no problem demonstrating our competence for free.

This is our way of lowering your risk. Some of our clients had worked with other agencies in the past and didn’t get the best results (to put it mildly). So we want to show you what we’re made of before we take any money from you.

A blueprint for success

You can combine the website audit with our Online Marketing Blueprint. That’s a ton of value in advance. Just because we can.

Is giving away so much for free the best way to run a digital marketing agency? We believe it is. We love helping businesses grow. That’s why we happily share our know-how.

As a local SEO agency, we believe in a spirit of generosity and giving back to the community. This principle is yet to let us down.

Transparent SEO services

SEO agencies like to drown their clients in technical jargon. It makes their work seem more important (and more expensive).

That’s not how we operate. Our marketing experts will do a website audit and present it to you in a format that doesn’t require three PhDs to understand. They’ll explain as much or as little as you want.

We get the job done and generate tangible results. Not to boast (OK, maybe a little bit), but we’re a Google Partner (and gunning for that Google Premier Partner badge).

We’ve proven ourselves time and again. Everything in our process is clear and transparent. We see our clients as partners, not cash cows.

“Sounds great. How do I get my website audit?”

If you want a free SEO audit for your website, there’s a very simple 3-step we need to go through.

Step 1: Hop on a call with us for a free Fact-Finding Meeting

This meeting is all about you and your business. We won’t try to sell you anything. We’ll just ask questions and listen. Once we learn more about your business, your marketing goals, your competitors,  and current Google rankings, we’ll be able to do a more thorough job with the website audit.

Step 2: Review the SEO audit of your website

Our SEO team will go over the website audit report with you and explain what you’re looking at in the form of a free consultation.

Step 3: Discuss your digital strategy

Once you know where your website stands in terms of ranking and understand why, we can discuss possible solutions. Don’t worry – we won’t leave you hanging in the air with a bunch of problems and no solutions.

We’re not simply an SEO company. Our team can handle a whole range of web services. We can help you develop a digital marketing strategy and improve your online presence. We offer SEO services and PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and other digital marketing services to blow your competition away.

Ready to improve your website’s standing with search engines? Contact us today!