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This most wonderful time of year is finally upon us, and the Uptick team has been treating each other nice all year in anticipation of having all their Christmas dreams come true! Well, at least the last couple of weeks. But what exactly do these co-workers of mine want this Santa Claus fellow to bring them for their good deeds? As I pondered the issue, a thought came to my head. I have all of their emails, so why not just ask them myself? Although I was nervous, I decided I must proceed with this quest and sent the inquiring electronic message. These were my findings.

The Uptick crew had very little material possessions in mind for this Christmas, with many people choosing to go with more sentimental presents. Matt Spivak, from the Marketing Consultant sector, simply wanted his coworkers to have a merry Christmas, while Lance and Alan want to see a little snow outside their window on the 25th of December. Our Content Team Director, Anne Riley, wants a slow and restful holiday that doesn’t get overrun with shopping, while BJ would like to have an exciting (and safe) Christmas. Meanwhile, Madison hopes that we all wake up on Christmas morning feeling like awestruck children again (sounds like a wonderful movie idea to me)!

Hannah Edwards, our dedicated SEO Specialist, would like to see love and kindness win in this world and for people to remember that kindness doesn’t cost a thing! Jerry Brown had similar thoughts and wants to see world peace and everyone getting along under the tree this Christmas. He also wanted to see the people he loves (like this cherished writer) stay in good health.

Our Customer Success Manager, Elizabeth Langston, is wishing for safe travels and quality family time, along with cool weather and s’mores by the fire – sounds wonderful! We also want safe travels for Dawn, who’ll be spending christmas at Disney World. She’s hoping for a picture with Goofy and multiple days of riding the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios.

The newest Uptick employee, Peyton, shares a Christmas wish with many recent college attendees – student loans disappearing! As for this humble writer? I would like all the material possessions since my coworkers seem to have all the meaningful gifts taken care of! But on a real note, it’s wonderful to work with a group of people who genuinely want to see a better world and care for each other. From the Uptick family to yours, we hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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