Our mission is to equip mentors to develop and deploy leaders (mentees, students, etc.) through mutually transforming relationships.

With roughly 50,000 youth in the city of Birmingham, nearly 75% of them are growing up in fatherless homes. Youth from fatherless homes typically demonstrate a higher incidence of suicides, homelessness, chemical abusers, teenage pregnancy and imprisonment.

We pair godly men and women with fourth and fifth graders across the city in mentoring relationships; all mentors make a minimum of a two-year commitment, with the goal of walking with our students all the way through high school graduation and beyond.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

We serve not only the youth in our program, but also the mentors.

What makes your organization unique?

There are three primary ways that Aspire Movement is a unique organization:

  1. We are faith-based, so all of our mentors make a credible profession of faith before coming on as a mentor. Fatherless youth in the city of Birmingham are not the only “at-risk” group we serve. The Church (as a whole) is “at-risk” of living insignificant lives, as long as we remain in our comfort zones. We provide an avenue for men and women in the Church to live out the mission that God has given us to care for those who are often far too easily overlooked.
  2. We promote mutual transformation in all of our mentor-student relationships. As part of the on-boarding process for mentors, we train them to recalibrate their approach to mentoring. Even mentors with the best, most pure intentions are prone to think that they are the ones impacting the students. That the students will learn, grow and benefit from the relationship. What we emphasize is the element of mutual transformation. Mentors with open minds and humble hearts will also learn, grow and benefit from the relationship. The impact of the relationship is a two-way street — mutual transformation.
  3. We come alongside our mentors to continue training, development, education and encouragement. We have a 95% mentor retention rate, which cultivates faithfulness and trust with students and families. That happens because we make a consistent effort to pour into our mentors who are on the front lines pouring out into students.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

We are already doing a lot with what seems like a little. That is a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness. Our executive director is very open to new ideas and strategies that will make the organization better, for the sake of impacting students.

Marketing plays a critical role in that.

We will be fun to work with.

We have tremendously compelling stories to tell; we just need help telling them!

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