a-team_logo_finalThe mission of aTeam Ministries is to offer financial, emotional, and spiritual support to children and families of Alabama’s pediatric cancer community. Our ministry fills the gap that exists between patients’ medical care and their unique needs outside hospital walls. We aim to create a community of support that otherwise does not exist for families of hematology and oncology patients.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

Our organization serves families from across the state of Alabama who are affected by childhood cancer. According to recent data from The Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders, approximately 500 children within the state of Alabama undergo treatment for pediatric cancer each year and 90% of those children are treated at Children’s in Birmingham. aTeam Ministries seeks to reach this population. We serve families of children who are currently undergoing treatment, are now in remission, or have passed away from cancer.

What makes your organization unique?

While many organizations related to childhood cancer focus on funding research to cure the disease (also a noble cause), aTeam Ministries seeks to serve the immediate needs faced by families affected by childhood cancer. Within the medical community, our organization focuses specifically on pediatric cancer, which presents unique challenges to families affected by it. Because cancer can lead to great financial burden due to treatment costs and time away from work, aTeam Ministries extends financial grants and provides rentfree lodging for families in need. Our apartments cater specifically to oncology patients who cannot stay in other communal living environments due to compromised immunity and the need for more longterm housing following a bonemarrow transplant. In addition, aTeam Ministries seeks to offer emotional support to families by making hospital visits, sending cards, or providing meals.

We also host events where cancer can take a back seat to fun, uplifting activities. As a faithbased organization, aTeam Ministries also serves families’ spiritual needs and coordinates a network of people to pray specifically for patients. aTeam Ministries is the only organization in Alabama with the goal of meeting the financial, emotional, and spiritual needs of pediatric cancer patients.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

You would simply be making an IMPACT in the lives of children and families throughout Alabama and the Southeast. The more ways we can increase our charitable donations the more we can help others. Sadly, pediatric cancer is not going away anytime soon (a cure is getting closer everyday) but families will continue to have the “practical everyday needs” that come with a lifelong disease and it is the goal of aTeam Ministries to help fill the gap as much as we can and by winning this award more support can
be given!

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