CK-Soup-Banner-sizedThe mission of The Community Kitchens of Birmingham is to serve a warm, nutritious, midday meal daily to the hungry in Birmingham without regard to situation or condition.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

Our guests come from a variety of backgrounds including the homeless, transients, unemployed, disabled, veterans, the working poor, families on welfare and the elderly on a fixed income. Many of our guests suffer with mental illness and drug and alcohol issues. 60% of our guests tell us that this is the only hot meal they will get all day and for 30%, it is the only meal of any kind! Our guests come from over 20 zip codes in the Greater Birmingham area and beyond.

What makes your organization unique?

The Community Kitchens is the only free meal program of it’s kind (we don’t really like the term ‘soup kitchen’) that is not attached to a shelter or other program. We do not require any profession of faith or participation in worship to receive a meal. Anyone is welcome to have a meal with us. We are open 365 days a year at our Woodlawn kitchen and 6 days a week at our Southside kitchen as well as offering a meal Wednesdays in Linn Park. Over 96,000 plates of food were served last year.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

A consultant told me once that many nonprofit organizations tend to mirror the population they serve. For the Community Kitchens, this rings especially true in that we seem to get just what we need to keep going but not much more. For 35 years we’ve quietly fed the hungry but have been unable to move the kitchens beyond ‘existence level’. We’ve had expansion goals (opening another facility in western Birmingham) that we’ve never been able to meet and currently need a kitchen renovation at our Woodlawn facility. To do these things, we need to broaden our base of support in the community, and we need to be able to use the tools available to do just that.

They Need Your Vote!

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