CoosaRiverkeeperCoosa Riverkeeper, Inc.’s mission is to protect, restore, and promote the Coosa River and its tributaries in Alabama.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

Everyone. You can’t live without water for more than three days. Think about your life without coffee! Tea! Beer! Pasta! Showers! Fish! The list goes on!

We work to protect public health and improve water quality through our programs. Using a variety of watercraft, including the Laura Moore II, our staff Riverkeeper patrols 5 lakes and dozens of creeks in order to document both pollution and beauty and stay in tune with what’s happening on the river. We also depend on our members and the general public to report pollution when they see it.

We collect water quality samples and analyze them in the lab we have set up in our office, and occasionally at a professional lab. We test the river for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and E. coli, among others, and post the results to our website for anyone to see through our Swim Guide program!

When we discover an issue, we seek to resolve it. That can be anything from working with state and federal agencies to remove a dam that is eroding a citizen’s streambank and blocking fish migration to filing legal action against a permitted polluter who refuses to comply with their pollution permit. To date, we have filed legal action on over 5,500 violations of the Clean Water Act.

We also patrol the river from the sky thanks to free flights from volunteer pilots. From the sky, we can a different angle on an issue and cover a lot more area in less time.

What makes your organization unique?

Alabama is the River State. In 2010, the Coosa River was named one of the ten MOST ENDANGERED rivers in the U.S. We founded our organization in September 2010, since then we’ve been fighting to protect the mighty Coosa.

The three core activities of our organization and our programs are patrolling the waters, educating the public, and advocating for the river. We engage in these activities to further our mission of protecting, restoring and promoting the Coosa River. Our approach to river conservation is driven by the river and its needs, not by politics and self-interest.

We supplement our passion for the river with science and an understanding of policy. We get out on the water to see the river and the people who depend on it first hand. When there’s a lack of data or information about an issue on the river, we go collect samples or conduct research. In an age where major decisions made by lawmakers are based mostly in politics and not in science, we speak up for
our river and ensure it is protected from greed and ignorance.

We take a watershed approach; we don’t just look at what’s happening on the lakes, we look at what’s happening on all the creeks because it all matters in the scope of a healthy river. Because the Middle and Lower Coosa River Basins in which we work are so expansive at 5,000 square miles, we prioritize our work based on the most urgent issues where we believe our approach to conservation will be most effective. The data that we generate through our research projects, like Water Quality Monitoring, help
guide us to the restoration and conservation efforts that will have the greatest impact.

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We’re good people, doing good work. As a member of an international Waterkeeper Alliance, we’re the youngest fulltime Executive Director and Staff Riverkeeper. We accomplish a lot with two people but having this crucial help with ensure our good work is being seen by the people who rely on our river for fun, food, and their livelihood.

Rivers are the original social networkers, connecting people literally through navigation, recreation, and necessity for life. We hope you can help us continue to patrol, educate, and advocate for our river… all while looking boss!

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