magic city woodworksThe mission of Magic City Woodworks is to train, equip, and invest in the lives of young men in Birmingham Alabama. We use a woodworking shop to train our apprentices in the art of work. Our mission is to help young men in Birmingham bridge the intimidating gap between unemployment an meaningful employment.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

Magic City Woodworks benefits 18 to 30 year-old men.

What makes your organization unique?

We create beautiful handmade goods. Our apprentices come from very unique backgrounds, and challenging situations. We are unified in doing good, honest hardwork. We believe in offering our guys a handup rather than a handout.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

We need your help! We have been grinding for the last few years to offer a quality experience for our apprentices. We love our guys and believe in them. We know you have a lot of other organizations to work with, but we are humbled to be able to apply. We started extremely small and have grown in God’s timing. If you see it fit that we should get it, we would be beside ourselves.

They Need Your Vote!

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